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We Made the List! Yelp’s Top 100 U.S. Restaurants 2024

We were recently pleased to discover that we appeared on Yelp’s Top 100 U.S. Restaurants List for 2024!

White Cheddar and Black Pepper Scones Recipe – with Gluten-Free Notes

This White Cheddar and Black Pepper Scones Recipe is sure to gain praise from your family and friends.

Creating Belonging

“Do I belong here?” This is a question we continually ask ourselves, and it is also a constant quest, our [...]

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies Recipe with Earl à la Crème – Easy to Make Gluten-Free

This Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies Recipe is perfectly buttery and crumbly, with the lovely taste of one of our most popular black teas, Earl à la Crème.

These shortbread biscuits are sure to be a favorite on your tea table at any time of the year or as the perfect cookie for Christmas. These cookies are also especially easy to make gluten-free.

Cinnamon Streusel Baked Apples Recipe – Easy to Make Gluten-Free

This Cinnamon Streusel Baked Apples Recipe is the perfect autumn dessert and beautiful enough to be a centerpiece at Thanksgiving [...]

Apple and Boursin Tea Sandwich Recipe on Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Gluten-Free Note

The best things are meant to be shared, so we have the perfect Apple & Boursin Tea Sandwich Recipe for you to share with your visitors and loved ones over tea this fall.

Savor the Harvest

The rhythm of life is always changing, always new. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Childhood, adulthood, and old age. The [...]

Bacon and Manchego Buttermilk Scone Recipe with Gluten-Free Adaptation

Embrace the changing season with this tasty Bacon & Manchego Buttermilk Scone Recipe!

A Hunger for Beauty

When we saturate ourselves in the beautiful, soaking it in however we can, we receive a store of resource for [...]

Iced Lavender Lemonade Recipe with Lavender Lace and Brown Sugar

Our Lavender Lemonade Recipe brings a refreshing twist to a classic summertime beverage. Made with our own Lavender Lace herbal [...]

Reviving the Victorian Practice of Making Calls – Part Three

The practice of “calling” upon one’s friends and acquaintances in days gone by seems to our modern sensibilities as charming, [...]

Reviving the Victorian Practice of Making Calls – Part Two

The practice of “calling” upon one’s friends and acquaintances in days gone by seems to our modern sensibilities as charming, [...]

Reviving the Victorian Practice of Making Calls – Part One

The practice of “calling” upon one’s friends and acquaintances in days gone by seems to our modern sensibilities as charming, [...]

Tea-Infused Creme Anglaise Recipe with Summertime Fruits

Enjoy the perfect summer dessert with our Tea-Infused Crème Anglaise Recipe. For this recipe, we have chosen our Blueberry Festival [...]

Seeking Childlike Wonder

Wonder: a feeling of astonishment, pleasure, and amazed admiration which causes us to marvel. This might happen when we see something that [...]

Iced Garden Bouquet Tea with Mango Nectar Recipe

Garden Bouquet is a delicate green tea reminiscent of a fragrant garden with cornflowers, safflowers, and rose petals, including added [...]

Stitches in the Tapestry of Life: Bonds of Kinship Part Two

A Simple Habit to Strengthen the Bonds of Kinship When we speak, we create. Our words are a strong force [...]

Stitches in the Tapestry of Life: Bonds of Kinship Part One

A Simple Practice to Strengthen the Bonds of Kinship When we think of the tapestry of our lives—all of us [...]

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipe

This Smoked Salmon Cucumber Tea Sandwich recipe will add a dash of sophistication to your summer teatimes with very little [...]

Simnel Cake Recipe for Mother’s Day

This Simnel Cake Recipe is perfect to make for Mother's Day. It is perfectly moist with dried fruits and almond, [...]

St. James Easter Scones Recipe

Inspired by hot cross buns, our St. James Easter Scones Recipe is a quick, elegant, and delicious addition to any [...]

Stitches in the Tapestry of Life: Color

Like a tapestry, our lives are woven of many types of threads, and the weaving continues through all our years. [...]

Irish Tea Bread Recipe

Our Irish Tea Bread Recipe, also known as Tea Brack, is somewhere between a quick bread and a fruit cake. [...]

Gluten-Free French Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Our Gluten-Free French Chocolate Mousse Recipe is the perfect dessert to share with your Valentine or indulge in for any [...]

Lemon Dill Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipe

Our Lemon Dill Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipe is easy to make but looks lovely and eye-catching on the plate. It's [...]

Kindling the Fire of Hospitality Part 4: Creating Belonging

Hospitality is a practice which envelops others in an atmosphere of warmth and welcome, and which creates belonging. We started [...]

Kindling the Fire of Hospitality Part 3: Welcome

Hospitality is a practice which envelops others in an atmosphere of warmth and welcome, and which creates belonging. The second [...]

Kindling the Fire of Hospitality Part 2: Warmth

Hospitality is a practice which envelops others in an atmosphere of warmth and welcome, and which creates belonging. “Now stir [...]

Kindling the Fire of Hospitality Part 1: A New Definition

What is Hospitality? Is Hospitality the same thing as Entertaining? If I entertain, does this mean I am hospitable? To [...]

Crescent Pecan Christmas Cookies Recipe

This Crescent Pecan Christmas Cookies Recipe is a great one to have for all your gatherings for the upcoming holidays [...]

Cinnamon Swirl Loaf Recipe

This Cinnamon Swirl Loaf Recipe is the perfect festive loaf to share around the table. With the season of gathering [...]

Gluten-Free Pecan Scones Recipe with Molasses Glaze

This Gluten-Free Pecan Scones Recipe with Molasses Glaze is ideal for a crisp autumn day, keeping you warmer and warmer [...]

Plan a Harry Potter Teatime with Your Children

Getting children to read for pleasure outside school is a challenge in this age of easy scrolling. If your children [...]

Gluten-Free Herbed Tomato & Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipe

This Herbed Tomato and Cucumber Tea Sandwich Recipe is easy to make Gluten-Full or Gluten-Free! Not only are these sandwiches [...]

Gluten-Free Blueberry Almond Scones Recipe with Lemon Glaze

Summer continues and we have the perfect recipe to make fresh scones with a classic summertime flavor combination: a Gluten-free [...]

How Jane Austen REALLY wrote letters…

In Jane Austen’s day, there was no email, and no texting, of course. People communicated in a slower, but much more genteel fashion – the letter. I believe that we are missing that gentility in our own day. In the beginnings of our ’email age’, we thought it was exciting – “You’ve got mail!” Oh boy!

The Lost Art of Correspondence

“The Lost Art of Correspondence” is a thoughtful (2 minute) video with a strong message on the power of written […]

Victoria Sandwich Cake Recipe

The Victoria Sandwich Cake is perhaps the most historical of all afternoon tea sandwiches and our version is just as [...]

How do you celebrate those around you?

When we celebrate together, we are indicating the worth we attach to our relationships. Whether you bake the cookies yourself […]

Gluten-Free Sparkling Wine Berry Gelatin Recipe

Our Gluten-Free Sparkling Wine Berry Gelatin recipe makes for a refreshing accompaniment to any celebration, particularly in the warmer months [...]

Dare to be a Revolutionary: Take Afternoon Tea!

The phrase ‘afternoon tea’ conjures up an old-world, fine-dining experience: refined, gentle people in a comfortable atmosphere who take time […]

A Recipe for Restoration to Make the World Taste Good

There are Givers, and there are Graspers in this world. If you have seen that delightful old movie, Willy Wonka […]

Excelling in the Gluten-Free Art of Tea

Did you know that one of the best-ranked tearooms in the world is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and it excels […]

Creating a Daily Tea Wellness Routine

When it comes to the art of tea, there are many ways that it can benefit your health routine, which […]

Lemon Brandy Syllabub Afternoon Tea Recipe

If you need a unique, no-bake treat for your St. Patrick’s Day gatherings, try this Lemon Brandy Syllabub afternoon tea [...]

Best Traditional Shortbread Cookie Afternoon Tea Recipe

A simple classic shortbread never goes amiss, so next time you need something quick for those last-minute guests, remember this [...]

The Leading Health Benefits of Green Tea

It’s no secret that green tea can be extremely beneficial for the body. Inherent in the tea plant are potent […]

Our February “La Vie En Rose” Music Playlist is so transporting!

As we have been preparing for the launch of our February menu, we have been SO enjoying the Spotify playlist […]

Simple Pomegranate Goat Cheese Tea Sandwich Recipe

“With lunch at noon and dinner at eight, the afternoon tea proved the perfect answer to snacking politely before mealtime, [...]

What Makes for A Great Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is a delightful British tradition dating to the early 19th Century, as a way to insert a half-sized […]

Beauty & the Art of Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”    […]

Quick and Easy Chocolate Cherry Scone Recipe

This quick and easy chocolate and cherry scone recipe is the perfect way to elevate your gatherings for the year. [...]

A Simple, Make-It-Yourself Afternoon Tea

When we invite someone over for afternoon tea in Albuquerque, it is a time set apart especially for them. We […]

Learning the Art of Tea Drinking

At The St. James Tearoom, we’re keeping traditions alive—specifically the art of tea! We love helping people discover the wonders […]

Nourishing Our Precious Relationships

What if we could shop for a nutritional supplement for our relationships like we can for our bodies? I wondered […]

Delicious Gingerbread Scone Recipe

This delicious gingerbread scone recipe brings the classic flavors of ginger and molasses together in scone form. The rich flavor [...]

Easy Thanksgiving Gluten-Free Dessert Recipe: Cranberry White Chocolate Orange Treats

Looking for an easy Thanksgiving gluten-free dessert recipe that will please every mouth at your holiday gatherings? Look no further! [...]

Easy Maple Oat Scone Recipe with Maple Butter

This easy maple oat scone recipe is perfect for fall! What could be better for the season than sitting on [...]

Basil Lemon Scones with Lemon Butter

September is a time of change: school begins anew, the leaves show new vibrant shades, and we bid farewell to [...]

“Manners Maketh the Man” (or) Why William Wilberforce was the man Mr. Darcy would have aspired to become

We have all heard the saying that “Manners Maketh the Man,” but in this month of August 2021 as we […]

Tea with Mr. Darcy Menu Video Introduction

Glide through the doors of Pemberley and take tea with our most gentlemanly of hosts: Mr. Darcy. During our most [...]

Iced Afternoon in Mansfield Park Tea with Strawberry Simple Syrup

Drink in the last bit of summer with this refreshing iced tea recipe! Afternoon in Mansfield Park is a scented [...]

What Makes a Treasure

There is much disconnectedness in our day. How often we feel like scattered leaves being blown individually by the wind: […]

Silky Iced Black Pearl Tea

Looking for a chilled treat for the summer heat? Black Pearl is a scented black tea with white jasmine blossoms [...]

Vanilla Madeleines with Lemon Glaze

Our Vanilla Madeleines with Lemon Glaze are a delightful cross between a cake and cookie. In our recipe, buttery vanilla […]

Watch the Video Introduction to our April Menu – Charlie and the Chocolate Tearoom!

Scrumdidliumptious!  Charlie and the Chocolate Tearoom is back!   We invite you to embrace a spirit of childlike wonder and […]

Video Introduction of our March Menu – Dublin’s Fare!

We are so excited to introduce our March Menu for 2021 – “Dublin’s Fare: Cheers to Arthur Guinness!”  Please join […]

Almond and Orange Marmalade Thumbprint Cookies

Our delightful almond and orange marmalade thumbprint cookies bring together two flavors that perfectly complement one another and are a […]

Our February “La Vie En Rose” music playlist is so transporting!

If you haven’t tried our “Teatime at Home Resources“ page, it has many wonderful things to make your teatime (or […]

Welcoming Back Outdoor Dining and Our February Menu!

We are thrilled to bring back our favorite February menu that celebrates love, travel, and the cozy atmosphere of a […]

Best Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Frosting

Brownies are always a good idea – and a chocolate treat that all home bakers will want in their repertoire. […]

Introducing our January 2021 Menu! “Welcome to the Roaring Twenties: An Invitation to the Abbey.”


“Classy Carryout” 4-Star Review

We received a great gift this January 1st—an unsolicited 4-star review of our carryout food and service! Our favorite quote?  […]

Our Christmas “Teacup Tree”

Though due to CoVid restrictions we were not able to host guests in the tearoom for Christmas 2020, we still […]

The Lady of St. James

Finally, as we end our 20th year in business, we are privileged to post this 15-minute history of the Lady […]

Take a Tour of our Gift Shop this Christmas 2020!

Mary Alice Higbie begins our 10 part video mini-tour of our Christmas merchandise in our gift shop, The St. James […]

Savory Bacon Bread Puddings

Perfect for the cold winter months, our Savory Bacon Bread Puddings are quick and easy to prepare, but impressive and […]

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats

Inspired by the cold butterbeer mentioned throughout the Harry Potter stories, our Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats make the perfect sweet […]

The Bonds of Shared Joy are Priceless!


 In Jane Austen’s day, the hearth was the center of family activity after dinner. The hearth, with its warmth and light, was the place to relax together after the day’s work was done, a bright, comfortable, cheering atmosphere that pushed away the dreariness of their non-electric lit nights. The ladies did their needlework as conversation took hold. Someone might have read aloud or played an instrument. This place, the hearth, warmed their heart, soul, and body. It was the way these people enjoyed companionship and kept their souls knitted together.

Summer Berry Bread Pudding

Our Summer Berry Bread Pudding recipe was inspired by the British Regency Era and celebrates one of the best parts […]

The St. of the St. James Tearoom

For Father’s Day this year, in light of the upcoming release of our short film on the ‘History of The […]


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

Garden Accessories

As we are unable to travel much farther than our own backyards, we hope you may find a place of peace and respite in your little corner.

Lime Mousse Tarts

Light and sweet with just a little pucker, these Lime Mousse Tarts are a refreshing dessert for summer! Featuring freshly […]

Online Ordering FAQs

Online Ordering FAQs Online orders are a new service The St. James Tearoom started to help provide a teatime respite […]

Ten Movies with Tea and Good Manners

Ten Movies with Tea and Good Manners It is still very possible to begin an adventure all while staying indoors! […]

Tearoom Carry-Out Services

Afternoon tea is more than just a meal; it is an opportunity to connect with the people we love, and […]

Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Cookies

Just like Willy Wonka, the character who inspired these treats, our Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Cookies are just a little on the […]

Tips for Tea at Home

Teatime, whether here at The St. James Tearoom or at your own kitchen table, can be a much-needed respite in […]

How Drinking Tea Can Keep You Healthy

If you fear for your health amidst the recent news of the pandemic sweeping the globe, you’re not alone. While […]

7 Ways to Care for Your Neighbor During CoVid-19

In the midst of an uncertain and frightening time, it is a natural inclination to isolate and self-preserve. Indeed, in […]

Temporary Closure Notice

Dear Friends and Guests, Starting tomorrow, March 19th, The St. James Tearoom will be closing all Dine-In service until further […]

The St. James Tearoom and the Coronavirus

To Our Dear Guests, Here at The St. James Tearoom, we take your cleanliness and health very seriously. However, greater […]

March 2020 – Elijah

This month, we are excited to present Elijah as our Employee of the Month! Elijah has been with The St. James Tearoom as an Expeditor / Dishwasher since June of 2019.

Giving the Gift of (Tea)Time

Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. But for these sisters, they knew the perfect way to honor their mother for her birthday: afternoon tea.

Legacy of Generosity: Arthur Guinness

This month, we honor Arthur Guinness, the brewer. Yes, the eighteenth century brewer whose beer is still beloved today! “Buy […]

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream

These rich and fluffy Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes are sure to be a fun addition to any Irish-themed teatime or party. […]

Cheers Pint Glasses

This month we’re raising a glass to Arthur Guinness and the work he did for his city.

Gentleman Journal & Pen Sets

Classic hues and inspiring cover quotes, these new journal and pen sets are perfect companions in a gentleman’s day.

Cigar Accessories

Just in time for our Irish menu, here are a few tips on how to create your own cigar tea at home!

February 2020 – Aubrey and Sam

Aubrey [column large=”3″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”9″ last=”true”] We are excited to honor Aubrey as one of our two Employees […]

Life in Pink

The well-known French song, “La Vie en Rose,” translates to “life in pink,” or sometimes “seeing life through rose-colored glasses.” […]

Summertime Rose Pink

Say “I love you” with a bouquet of pink roses that won’t wilt over time.

Floral Hair Pieces

Brand-new floral hair pieces have graced the Market shelves in honor of La Vie en Rose!

Dreamy Nursery

Make the perfect dreamy nursery with these brand-new additions to our children’s section in The St. James Market.

Savory Ham and Cheese Scones

Inspired by the French classic Croque Monsieur, our Savory Ham and Cheese Scones will be a delicious and hearty addition […]

January 2020 – Alysse

Starting off the new year, we are honored to present Alysse as our Employee of the Month! Alysse has been […]

Corbell Silver

These beautiful silver pieces look as if they came straight from the Dowager’s parlor!

Provision and Standards Playing Cards

Retire to the Billiard Room for a round or two of cards whilst enjoying a good port or cup of tea.

Featured China: Royal Albert’s Duchess

This beautiful china pattern first debuted in the 1910s. Reminiscent of the Regency Era but starting to hint at the Art Deco to come with its deep hued edges and gold detail, it seems to marry elegance and whimsy.

December 2019 – Victoria

This December, we are honoring Victoria as our Employee of the Month! Victoria has been a Server with the Tearoom […]

Share Your Tearoom Story!

[column large=”6″ first=”true”][/column][column large=”5″ last=”true”] We’re celebrating twenty years starting December 4th, 2019. In those many years, we have built […]

Teatime Recipe Books

With a different, vibrant color on each binding, these recipe books will brighten up your kitchen!

Holiday Shopping Guide

We’ve prepared a few tips to help remove the stress from your gift shopping in our Market this year.

Old Country Roses China

Known for its iconic pink, red, and yellow roses, Old Country Roses celebrates England’s national flower and the quaint English garden.

Mini Mincemeat Pies

Inspired by traditional English Christmas treats, these mini mincemeat pies, with flaky lattice tops, are the perfect addition to any […]

November 2019 – Susan

We are blessed to honor Susan as our Employee of the Month this November. Susan has been with the Tearoom since January of 2014 as a Server, Reservationist, and Large Party Coordinator.
Susan is one who instinctively sees when another has a need and finds a way to serve them. As an example, she started […]

DuBay Beards

Though Tolkien did not go into great detail of how a Dwarf properly maintained a beard, we believe that if given the access to beard oils, Dwarves would have been the greatest proponents.

Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Maple Glaze

Our pumpkin pecan scones with maple glaze are a tasty, yet easy treat to make for any fall teatime. Packed […]

Clay pipes

Pipes are a common and memorable image for those who love J.R.R. Tolkien and his famous Middle-Earth. Gandalf, Aragorn, Bilbo, and Tolkien himself are rarely remembered without a good pipe in pocket or in hand.

Blue Diamond China

A cup of tea can be much more than a hot drink. To us, a cup of tea is a means of escape from the bully world, even for just a moment.

October 2019 – Jael

We are excited to honor Jael as our Employee of the Month this October. Jael has been with us as […]

2019 Annual Masquerade Ball

The St. James Tearoom is Proud to Present Our Annual Masquerade Ball on October 20th, 2019

2019 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Here are three tips for planning your Balloon Fiesta visit to The St. James Tearoom this October.

Chocolate Dipped French Butter Cookies

French butter cookies are believed to have originated in Normandy in 1670. Often just called Sables, which is the French […]

Wool Hats & Autumn Scarves

Brisk weather is just around the corner, and The St. James Market is stocking up on the well-loved autumn staples of wool hats and cozy scarves.

New Maggie Hope Novel

The most recent edition in the Maggie Hope series by Susan Elia MacNeal: The Prisoner in the Castle. November, 1942.

Pixel Black Rose China

Featured Pattern: Pixel Black Rose. This new porcelain cuddles quite perfectly in the themes of the season.

September 2019 – Adrianna

We are overjoyed to be honoring Adrianna as our Employee of the Month this September. Adrianna has been with the […]

Wild & Wolf Baby Toys

Brand new baby plush toys are in our Children’s section of The St. James Market.

Charlie Charcoal China

This time of year makes the art of taking tea a bit more frequent in our days.

Wizard Cookbook

These recipes are as tasty as they are bewitching.

Banoffee Pie

This banoffee pie recipe (banana + toffee = banoffee) is our take on the classic British dessert that we imagine […]

August 2019 – Chloe

This August, we are honoring Chloe-Joy as our Employee of the Month! Chloe has been with The St. James Tearoom […]

Plum Turnovers

Dainty, flaky plum turnovers are just the sort of thing one could imagine eating on a picnic blanket at Pemberley […]

Vendula London Purses and Clutches

Brand-new purses and wallets have graced the shelves of our ladies’ section of The St. James Market.

Jane Austen Tea Variety Packs

[column large=”5″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”7″ last=”true”] Our Jane Austen inspired Tea Variety Packs feature little goodies for that tea […]

Featured Pattern: Stems of Roses

[column large=”5″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”7″ last=”true”] During Jane Austen’s day, the Regency Era, tea was an important affair. Austen […]

July 2019 – Joaquin

We are pleased to honor Joaquin as July’s Employee of the Month! Joaquin has been with The St. James Tearoom […]

Lost Boys Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars

Our Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars recipe is a sweet, savory, and crunchy treat that was inspired by the youthful […]

Fairy garden supplies

[column large=”5″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”7″ last=”true”] Fairies have always been welcomed guests here at The St. James Tearoom. Though […]

Featured China Pattern: Shabby Rose Green

[column large=”5″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”7″ last=”true”] With our “Neverland Adventure” featured china pattern, Shabby Rose Green, we picture Wendy […]

Glass Tumblers with Infuser

[column large=”5″ first=”true”] [/column] [column large=”7″ last=”true”] “Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea […]

June 2019 – Kendra

We are overjoyed to honor Kendra as June’s Employee of the Month! Kendra has been with The St. James since […]

Eccentric Wonderland Scones

Looking for recipes for an Alice in Wonderland tea party? Our Eccentric Wonderland Scones will pull your guests into the […]

Beardbrand – Perfect for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, take a peek in our gentlemen’s haberdashery.

Alice in Wonderland Books

Falling through the rabbit hole, we picked up a few copies of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic.

Featured Pattern: Pink Rose Dots

The St. James Market is featuring a brand-new china pattern, Pink Rose Dots, a charming and whimsical pattern of Alice blue and Wonderland florals.

May 2019 – Emily

This May, we are celebrating Emily as our Employee of the Month! Emily has served her team and our guests […]

Wilfrid’s Royal Family

Tearoom guest and friend of Mary Alice, Wilfrid, a published writer and expert on all things to do with the British monarchy, was thrilled to speak to us on the subject of a royal arrival and the perseverance of the royal family.

Greeting Cards

The season of sending love and congratulations is upon us. Graduations, weddings, showers, and birthdays fill this year with celebration. […]

Copper Tray and Ice Bucket

During our “Royal Celebration” menu, we picked up a few items to make tea feel a little more royal. This […]

May Featured China: Lomonosov Porcelain

The Imperial Porcelain Factory, formally known as the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1744 by […]

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Queen Victoria’s favorite afternoon tea treat is now known as the Victoria Sponge Cake, a simple vanilla cake filled with […]

April 2019 – Halla

This month we are excited to honor Halla as our Employee of the Month. Halla has been part of the […]

The St. James Market: A Timeless Experience

Guests have come to expect a transportive experience when they join us for afternoon tea, whether it is their first […]

Chocolate Tea Variety Pack

Chocolate in tea? We do believe Willy Wonka might approve. In true Wonka fashion, the Market has put together a […]

Bee-Inspired Stationery

Spring has sprung in our Market! We love the time of year that brings beautiful, fresh blossoms. It may be […]

A Recipe to Make the World Taste Good

There are Givers and there are Graspers in this world. If you have seen that delightful old movie, Willy Wonka […]

Featured China Pattern: Royal Albert

Our brand-new china pattern from Royal Albert is almost good enough to eat. Featuring charming blueberries, blackberries, and daisies, you […]

Salted Caramel Fudge with Fluffy Chocolate Cream

Willy Wonka said “Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.” Well, just imagine dipping your dessert spoon into a […]

March 2019 – Isaac

This March, we are excited to present Isaac as our Employee of the Month! Isaac has been with The St. […]

Magnetic Games and Leather-Clad Merchandise

Brand-new magnetic games are perfect for long car rides or bringing to the pub and sharing a friendly game over […]

Search for God & Guinness

The Search for God & Guinness, a biography by Stephen Mansfield, details the life of Arthur Guinness as he changed his […]

Glamis Thistle: March’s Featured China Pattern

Featured China Pattern: Glamis Thistle. This beautiful set is bone porcelain china made in England. In Celtic culture, the thistle […]

Corned Beef and Cabbage Tea Sandwiches

Often associated with Irish-American cuisine, corned beef makes for a slightly different, yet quite delicious, variation of a traditional tea […]

Love Stories

Love Stories We must admit, in spite of the cynicism of our age, human hearts are continually captivated by stories […]

February 2019 – Maggie

We are excited to honor Maggie as our Employee of the Month for February. Maggie has been a wonderful part […]

Poires Belle Hélène ~ Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce

Poires Belle Hélène was created in the mid-1860s by famed French chef and restaurateur Auguste Escoffier and named after the […]

A Letter from Our “Mary”

A Little Mary Poppins Chaos (Can Be a Good Thing) Mr. Banks’ life was turned topsy-turvy with the arrival of […]

January 2019 – Beka

We are excited to honor Beka as January’s Employee of the Month! Beka has been part of The St. James […]

Green Chile and Cheese Scones Recipe

In honor of the 107th anniversary of New Mexico’s statehood (January 6th, 1912), we decided to share a tender, flaky, […]

December 2018 – Sarah

We are excited to honor Sarah as December’s Employee of the Month! Sarah has been part of The St. James […]

Finding Sanctuary Amidst the Storm

Many people find respite within the walls of The St. James Tearoom, but for Cindy Hargett, it offers something more. […]

Christmas Stollen Scones

Inspired by the German origin of Nutcracker dolls, we decided to bring you a Christmas Stollen Scones recipe – a […]

November 2018 – Denise

We are overjoyed to honor Denise as November’s Employee of the Month! Denise has been part of the St. James […]

The Power of a Cup of Tea

Lauren Stenzel first visited The St. James Tearoom in 2003 after relocating from Santa Fe, New Mexico. At the time […]

October 2018 – Marisa

We are so pleased to present Marisa as October’s Employee of the Month! Marisa has been with the St. James […]

Incan Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Tea Lattes

Just in time for the crisp weather of autumn, we bring you a delightfully simple pumpkin spice tea latte recipe. […]

Creative Impulse for Good

Spitfires and Hurricanes were the legendary fighters of the British RAF during WWII. They were agile and very effective. The […]

September 2018 – Isaac

This month, we are honoring Isaac as September’s Employee of the Month! Isaac has been with the St. James family […]

Rock Cakes

Throughout the Harry Potter book series, Hagrid serves his favorite students numerous homemade “treats,” including a traditional British drop scone […]

August 2018 – Erin

For August, we are pleased to honor Erin as Employee of the Month! Erin has been with The St. James […]

St. James Sherry Syllabub

In the 18th century, syllabubs were a common feature of the dessert course, often served alongside puddings and jellies. Syllabubs […]

July 2018 – Danae

We are pleased to introduce Danae as July’s Employee of the Month! Danae has been with The St. James since […]

“Second Star to the Right” Limited-Time Tea

Our latest teatime theme invites you to fly away with us to a land of pixies, pirates, and the lost […]

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Cups

Celebrate the 4th with a little teatime flair! Fun and elegant, creamy and delicious, these festive little cups make for […]

Neverland Star Cookies

These delightful shortbread cookies were inspired by the directions to Neverland — two star cookies stacked with a clear, golden, […]

June 2018 – Stephanie

We are overjoyed to honor Stephanie as June’s Employee of the Month! Stephanie has been with The St. James since […]

Strawberry Mousse

Just in time for strawberry season, we bring you this strawberry mousse recipe that couldn’t be easier. In just 10-15 […]

May 2018 – Sarah

We are excited to honor Sarah as May’s Employee of the Month! Sarah has been part of The St. James […]

Berry Champagne Gelées

Combining real Champagne, fresh berries, and sweet white grape juice, our Berry Champagne Gelées are a refreshing accompaniment to any […]

April 2018 – Chasya

We are excited to honor Chasya as our Employee of the Month for April. She has been part of the […]

Featured on Food Network!

We have the greatest pleasure in announcing that we made the list of’s 20 recommended places to eat in […]

Enjoy a Guinness Stout

Enjoy a Guinness Stout at your teatime! Paired perfectly with our Guinness World Record Irish Soda Bread, this malty, caramely, […]

March 2018 – Victoria

We are excited to honor Victoria as our Employee of the Month for March. Victoria can be found as one […]

Parisian Fare Video

As we travel to Paris with our menu served February 6th – March 4th, 2018, we are eager to share […]

Délice à la Fraise

Introducing a New Parisian Cocktail for “La Vie en Rose” Inspired by Paris and our “La Vie en Rose” menu, […]

February 2018 – Lee

We are excited to honor Lee as our Employee of the Month for February. Lee has been a part of […]

Three Favorite Teas Now Available Year-Round!

You asked, and we listened! Our three featured teas for our “La Vie en Rose” menu are now included in […]

Almond Dacquoise with Chocolate Buttercream

Yields about 20 cookies For the Dacquoise (meringue cookie): 2/3 cup (3 ½ ounces) sliced almonds 1 cup powdered sugar […]

Tea in the Shire Video

Journey with us over the misty mountains as we take tea in The Shire of Middle Earth. Based on the […]

Lothlórien Nectar

We are so excited to share the special tea shot we will be serving in January! Does it look like […]

January 2018 – Christina

Christina truly excels as a member of our Market Team. She loves greeting and interacting with guests that come to […]

Gluten-Free Mini Green Tea Cakes with Lime Frosting

Yields about 4 dozen mini tea cakes For the Cake: 1 1/2 cups brown rice flour 1/2 cup potato starch […]

The Making of a Teatime

This holiday season, join The St. James Tearoom as we celebrate 18 years of teatime in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Follow […]

December 2017 – Mary

Mary loves being employed at The St. James Tearoom; she has been serving guests here since March 2016 and hopes […]

Presenting Our New Green Tea!

Sir Chauncy and “Fortune’s Favor” It is a warm summer afternoon, and our story opens on the sleeping form of […]

Turkish Delight Cocktail

“Each piece of Turkish Delight was sweet and light to the very center and Edmund had never tasted anything more […]

November 2017 – China

Our guests are largely responsible for China being our November Employee of the Month; their surveys continually praise her by […]

Masquerade Ball Photos!

This year’s Annual Masquerade Ball was a beautiful evening filled with music, dancing, elegance, and laughter. Thank you to our […]


We would love your feedback! In order to continue to provide you with excellent service and beautiful products relevant to […]

Introducing Our New Tea!

If you have perused our tea collection lately, you may have seen a new addition appear!  It is an honor […]

October 2017 – Shannon

Shannon, recognized as one of our September Superheroes, was chosen Employee of the Month for October 2017. In her dual […]

September 2017 – Matthew

Matthew, our September 2017 Employee of the Month, is relatively new to our Tearoom family, so being chosen by his […]

St. James House Butter’d Beere

Something delicious this way comes! For several years, The St. James Tearoom has created one-of-a-kind, non-alcoholic tea shots for Special […]

Victorian Cream Ramble Rose

Our featured china set this month is so fun. It’s called Victorian Cream Ramble Rose, and each piece has adorable […]

Announcing September’s New Menu!

We are extremely excited to officially announce our brand-new menu and theme for September!! “Recipes from the Wizarding World” will […]

St. James Regency Punch

Introducing “The St. James Regency Punch,” the featured aperitif for our August Jane Austen menu! Our own take on a […]

August 2017 – Chris

August Employee of the Month, Chris, our gentleman in the Market, has such a relaxed demeanor you would never know […]

July 2017 – Rachel

Last month we got to congratulate Rachel on her recent high school graduation. This month we get to congratulate her […]

A Father’s Influence

We LOVE daddies! And we have more than our share of the very best ones! John and his youngest daughter […]

June 2017 – Isaiah

Isaiah, our Employee of the Month for June 2017 has only been with The St. James Tearoom since November, but […]

Achieving Excellence – Veronica’s Story

This inspirational story takes place at The St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are honored to be named […]

#1 Top Work Place!

We are proud to announce that we have won the Albuquerque Journal Top Work Place again this year for small […]

Mother’s Day Gifts

We love to celebrate and pamper our moms around here! With that in mind, we’ve decided to have an extra […]

May 2017 – Adrianna & Daniel

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month of April! Anne of Green Gables proved to be such a great success […]

April 2017 – Eric

Eric has been a wonderful blessing here at The St. James Tearoom for seven years now. He started working with […]

Exclusive Spring Tea!

Our new exclusive spring tea is here! Easter Basket is a strawberry cream herbal tea with hibiscus, orange, and a […]

March 2017 – Jeanine

Our phones are ringing off the hook! Our Employee of Month Jeanine answers and calm prevails. Jeanine has worked at […]

The Five Aspirations

We’re eager to share why we continue to do what we do and how we continue onward in the midst […]

February 2017 – Sarah

Sarah has been chosen by her co-workers as our February Employee of the Month, which is very appropriate as she […]

The latest in pictures from The St. James Tearoom

Teatime for all occasions… Follow the links from our Instagram images below:

Featured in The Huffington Post!

We have the honor of directing you to a lovely article written about us by Getrude Matshe of The Huffington Post! […]

January 2017 – Mary

This month’s Employee of the Month is our lovely server, Mary!  Mary has been working at the Tearoom for almost […]

December 2016 – Lee

This month we are proud to announce our lovely market lady, Lee, as Employee of the Month! Lee has been […]

November 2016 – Christina

For this month of November we are proud to announce the “Employee of the Month” is our lovely Market Attendant, […]

Finding Sanctuary in the Beauty of Music

I have not heard much discussion about Beauty these days…. What is Beauty? Is it important, or is it merely […]

October 2016 – Sevon

This month we are proud to announce our “Employee of the Month” is our beautiful server, Sevon! Sevon has been […]


Everyone’s journey is unique and valuable, all journeys take persistence and courage. It is incredible when our paths cross and […]

The Calm Before Disembarkation

With September we embark on our beautiful, New Mexico Autumn. A new school year has begun and things are beginning […]

September 2016 – Michael

The St. James is proud to announce that our dishwasher, Michael, is the Employee of the Month for September! Michael […]

Give Sanctuary

Preparing something with one’s own hands—it takes time, it takes effort, but how wonderful it is when you can make […]

The Art of Civility

Painting a Beautiful Picture for our World A beautiful painting arrests our attention, draws us in, causes us to stop […]

August 2016 – Destiny

The St. James is proud to announce our employee of the month is our sweet server, Destiny! Destiny has been […]

The Finances of Civility

Love may always be known by its expenditures. The way I expend myself and extend myself for my fellows reveals […]

An Origin Story

Join Mary Alice Higbie as we learn the story of Mia Prieskorn, who has a connection with our Tearoom corner […]

July 2016 – Stephanie

For this month of July, we are proud to announce the Employee of the Month is Stephanie! Stephanie has been […]

The Mathematics of Civility

Not long ago I was tossing and turning on a very hard bed in the middle of the night, trying […]

June 2016 – Rebekah

The St. James is honored to present our Employee of the Month, Rebekah! Rebekah has been working at the Tearoom for almost […]

Tea at the Fire Station

  Daddies are their little girls’ Knight in Shining Armor. Every Daddy is a hero in his daughter’s eyes, and […]

May 2016 – Adrianna

We are pleased to announce the EOM for May is Adrianna Salazar. Adrianna has been with us since December of […]

Happy Birthday, Mary Alice!

The staff of The St. James Tearoom wishes our owner and founder, Mary Alice “Emmai” Higbie, a happy birthday!  

April 2016 – Chantal

The St. James is proud to announce Chantal as our Employee of the Month for April. Chantal has been working […]

Find Sanctuary

WHO we are… WHY we do what we do… Learn the HEART and meet the Joyful Eccentrics behind it all! […]

March 2016 – Jon

The St. James is proud to present our Employee of the Month, Jon! Jon has been working at the Tearoom […]

February 2016 – Angelica

We are Proud to announce that our “Employee of the Month” is our beautiful market lady, Angelica! Angelica has been […]

January 2016 – Rachel

For January, we are proud to announce our Employee of the Month is one of our kitchen team members, Rachel […]

Intentional Love

Fifteen years ago, a little girl stood peering into the windows of tiny, newly-minted St. James Tearoom while her grandmother […]

Searching the Deeps

“A soul must search with blinded eyes For that which can’t be seen. It senses yearnings deep within, Yet knows […]

Butterflies and Tea

This guest blog is by New Mexico writer Patrice Greenwood, a long-time guest who has become a very special, personal […]

Come into my courtyard…

Come Into My Courtyard; Meet Ginger Syllabub Morning is peeking over my garden gate. Come in; I’d like to introduce you […]

Bicycle Etiquette

May is National Bicycle Month. And here is our gentle reminder for both bicyclists and motorists alike to practice Bicycle […]

Guest Blog: Why Is a Royal Birth an Occasion for Joy?

Wilfrid Koponen is a personal friend, and a friend of the Tearoom since the very beginning – 15 years! He […]

Cheers to Arthur Guinness!

Our Irish theme for this month is dear to our heart, for Arthur Guinness is one of our own British […]

A True “Casablanca Romance,” and the Power of the Love Story

 In our age of cynicism, should we consider stories of sacrificial love to inspire, motivate, guide and encourage us? We […]

Time to Break Open the Bubbly!

The 4th of December is our anniversary, the fifteenth anniversary of The St. James Tearoom. For fifteen years I have […]

Simple Joys of Autumn

Rustling of Leaves Our wants can become so mighty, so insistent and demanding. Our desires to achieve or obtain have […]

Constraining the Beast – Cell Phones

It seems a young woman was a guest for tea with Queen Elizabeth II in the Buckingham Palace gardens. She was […]

Simple Joys

Sometimes it is the simple things that make the richest gifts. How blessed are those simple gifts – an unhurried […]

’Tis it better the milk precede the tea into the cup… …or not???

Are you an MIF or an MIL? …and which one is Queen Elizabeth II?   This is quite an important […]

Gentility in a Bully World

Our world is apt to canonize Push.  It will sing the praises of the one who excels at Shove, will call him […]

Living in the NOW – Giving the Gift of Attention

Moments MAY become treasures, priceless jewels buried deep in the vault of our hearts. He was sitting right beside me. […]

Rise of the Roamin’ Empire (3)

WHO ME??? I must keep telling myself: “It is the RISE of the Roamin’ empire!” An empire is not conquered […]

Liberty Teas & the Boston Tea Party

Our Theme for July is THE BOSTON TEA PARTY After refusing to be taxed without representation, dressing like Mohawk Indians, […]

Growing Young

Enchanting sites and merry scenes abound. But one must have eyes to see, time to look, and a heart unafraid to be doing so. Growing up can harden us to these things, but it does not HAVE to.

It’s the Month fer Pirates!

  Roamin’ says, Ahoy, matey! This is the month fer pirates! I’m dressed as a pirate, and you can come […]

Roamin’ – The Lone Re-Arranger

‘Luv you!’Roamin’ loves being loved! In the mornings when I sit outside in the swing, she politely lays her head […]

Rise of the Roamin’ Empire (2)

…Our homeless friend had gotten on the bus in Albuquerque. Would he stay on it all the way to Louisiana, […]

Rise of the Roamin’ Empire (1)

Jim and I have become captives in our own home. This is obviously a new chapter in our history… She […]

Victory Garden: A Place to Grow in Wisdom

“A garden is a grand teacher.” Gertrude Jekyll For our April theme of Victory Garden, I would like to again […]

The Enduring Happiness that the Love of a Garden Gives…

“The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that […]

Victory Gardens – After the Fact: Using Used Tea Leaves

Victory Gardens After the Fact: Using Used Tea Leaves Tea is good for your health! But you knew that…. Did […]

How the Gentle FIGHT

The St. James Tearoom’s theme for the month of April is “Victory Garden” – a look back at an effort […]

Appearance and Civility

We speak. We speak always and in many ways. Words are only one of the many methods we use to […]

Cell Phone Etiquette: “You Are Not the Only One”

Let me tell you a true story.  It was reported on Good Morning, America. It seems a young woman had […]

The Evolution of Etiquette; In Celebration of National Courtesy Month

I feel just the slightest bit of cool as I sit in my swing, enjoying the early mornings in my […]

Pursuing Beauty

Pursuing Beauty – Japanese Style #1  – Ikebana           Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.  I once hosted […]

Civility can be (Nicely) Selfish.

            Civility is getting a lot of press these days, but sometimes it seems not a lot of practice.  I […]

The Mathematics of Civility Part 2

Last week I asked myself the question, “Why would you want to add to all the pain that is already […]

The Proper Way to Eat a Scone

In the oh, so proper world of tea etiquette, there are six (yes, SIX) ways to properly eat your scone.  […]

The Origin of P’s and Q’s

I love English signs.  The last time I was in England, I started taking photos of typical British signs: “Mind […]

An Article from the New York Times: “The Joy of Quiet” This is an important article, and one I think our St. James customers will relate to and agree with. […]


The St. James is preparing to open in our new location on March 30, 2010.  We look forward to welcoming […]