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From tea and China to creative and informative books, charming toys for children to accessories for both ladies and gentlemen, The St. James Market provides you with a whole little village’s worth of charming shops all in one building! Our shelves are brimming with delightful wares specially chosen for their charm and the uplifting spirit they bring to the everyday and the special occasion alike.

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four colorful journals fanned out on a lace doily on top of a table


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

St. James Press

Exclusive In-House Offerings

“May I see your passport, please?”

Have your St. James Passport stamped every visit to receive rewards!

The St. James Tea Passport

Earn a free 4 oz. bag of tea!
Learn about each of our teas and how to steep them at home as you take notes on your preferences and mark which are your favorites. Purchase in The St. James Market to start earning rewards as you explore the world of our teas!
Receive one stamp per 4 oz. bag of tea purchased.
Higbie & Sons line excluded. No half-stamps given for single 2 oz. bags.

The St. James Greats Passport

Earn a free tea!
Learn about the Greats throughout history whom we admire for their Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence. Purchase in The St. James Market to start earning rewards as you discover the history behind each seating area’s St. James Great!
Receive one stamp per passport, per visit.
Free tea covers all-inclusive price for one meal, including menu options. Does not include additional items such as à la carte food or drinks.

Cherriwyn Gallery

Meet Our St. James Greats

Explore the curio cubbies of our new Cherriwyn Gallery! Tucked into each shelf is a glimpse of one of our historical St. James Greats, along with hand-picked wares inspired by their lives, legacies, and unique personalities.

Have your teatime in a parlor honoring one of our St. James Greats!
Each of our seating areas in The St. James Tearoom corresponds to a Great, as well. Browse our seating areas here.

The Trinket Box

The Trinket Box

charming comfort

In our cheery colored corner shelf, discover the most delightful little tea pots, cups and saucers, and tea accoutrements as you will find anywhere! This section of our Market presents a variety of mid-priced fine china tea sets that are at once graceful and inviting—something to make any house feel more like a home.

Proudtree Manor

Proudtree Manor

a formal affair

The wares of this glass case call those who wish to set their table in the finest manner. One look at the gilt designs and excellent craftsmanship will speak of a formal affair. You will find bone china, crystal, and gilt wares of the highest quality in this most tempting corner of The St. James Market.

Loose Leaf Tea & Accoutrements

The Finest Tea in Albuquerque

This section of The St. James Market boasts more than fifty high-quality teas and a variety of tea-making accoutrements to ensure your daily cuppa is always at hand and your special tea party is a delicious success. Taste the featured tea at our Tea Bar, or join us for a special event to learn a special recipe! New to tea? Not sure where to start? Ask our knowledgeable staff! Each of our teas is unique as its own character…perhaps you’ll hear a story or two!

Pastries & Recipes

Delectables for Home

The entry display of our Market provides our scones to take home to share, and in doing so, to help deepen the relationships important to you. Other packaged goodies are available here, as well. With these and recipes from our archives, you have the makings of a splendid teatime to serve in your own home!

St. James Recipe Archives

Butterbeer Floats Recipe

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats

Inspired by the cold butterbeer mentioned throughout the Harry Potter stories, our Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats make the perfect sweet treat on a hot summer day. Caramelly, creamy, and cold, these Butterbeer Floats are well-balanced, not too sweet, and very refreshing. They are also extremely easy to make! We paired ours with some cream scones, […]

Berry Bread Pudding Recipe

Summer Berry Bread Pudding

Our Summer Berry Bread Pudding recipe was inspired by the British Regency Era and celebrates one of the best parts of summer—berries. In Jane Austen’s day traditional British puddings were regularly part of large meals. In fact, Jane Austen’s mother, Cassandra, once contributed a traditional British pudding recipe written in witty verse to a book […]

Lime Mousse Tart Recipe

Lime Mousse Tarts

Light and sweet with just a little pucker, these Lime Mousse Tarts are a refreshing dessert for summer! Featuring freshly squeezed lime juice, lime zest, whipped cream, and flaky tart shells, they’re just the sort of whimsical treat we would expect to find on a tea table in Wonderland! Enjoy these little tarts with a […]

Mini mincemeat pies with lattice crust

Mini Mincemeat Pies

Inspired by traditional English Christmas treats, these mini mincemeat pies, with flaky lattice tops, are the perfect addition to any holiday teatime or dessert table. With warm spices, sweet and tart fruits, and a hint of rum, they pair splendidly with strong black teas, such as Indian Assam, swirled with creamy milk. Make the filling […]

St. James Traditional Cream Scones

Made in-house for you to bake fresh at home!

Cream Scones (frozen)
$8.00 / 4-pack scones*

Gluten-Free Cream Scones (frozen)
$9.00 / 4-pack scones*

Lemon Curd
$4.00 / 4 oz.

Clotted Cream
$4.00 / 4 oz.

Ask about our seasonal offerings, as well.

*Please order ahead if you need more than a dozen.
(505) 242-3752

The Market Square

Exciting Collection of Seasonal Wares

As the calendar turns, look to our main display table for a new and exciting collection of seasonal wares to match the menu theme of The St. James Tearoom! Each is freshly picked and freshly chosen for you, creating the liveliest of village markets where ideas and parties both seem to ignite and sparkle. What new treasure will you discover?

Current Menu Theme

Higbie & Sons

Higbie & Sons

handsome wares for handsome gentlemen

Named for St. James Tearoom owner Daniel Higbie and his boys, this corner features handsome wares for handsome gentlemen including hats, men’s toiletries (such as razors, colognes, and shaving accoutrements), wine implements, desk ornaments, and other articles geared particularly toward gentlemen. Also inspired by this shop is the “Higbie & Sons” tea collection, featuring boldly rich and exotic tastes, which may be found in the Phipps & Co. section of our Market.

The Ladies' Boudoir

The Ladies’ Boudoir

femininity and beauty

The Ladies’ Boudoir carries all manner of items to accentuate and enhance the femininity and beauty of a woman, from stylish hats and gloves to powder puffs and the richest crèmes that we can find. Don’t forget our collection of elegant, sparkling, and classic jewelry as you peruse the shelves of this corner of the Market. Discover a timeless elegance that is always in fashion!

Bindings Bookshoppe & Stationer

Bindings Bookshoppe & Stationer

a hub of ideas and intellect

This little corner of our Market is a hub of ideas and intellect, bursting with books hand-selected to encourage the deepening of relationships through courtesy and etiquette, learning from history, investigating truth, goodness, and beauty in any matter, and to teach us how to grow more Others-Focused, and in doing so, add our own small measure of beauty to our community. Beyond books, it also holds a lovely selection of cards and stationery to convey hand-written messages to loved ones.

The Toy Chest

The Toy Chest

children’s delights of all kinds

Turn the corner to discover shelves brimming full of children’s delights of all kinds: books, games, toys, costumes, dolls, small teasets perfect for children, and baby gifts. Train up the young ladies and gentlemen of our future through uplifting playthings that encourage friendship, imagination, and courtesy.

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