Special Events

By Reservation Only

All Special Events are Prepaid Unless Otherwise Noted

Escape your normal routine with the highest quality Special Events in Albuquerque! All Special Events put on by The St. James Tearoom are unique, allowing guests to be transported to worlds they love but do not get to experience every day.

Connect with your friends and family in a fun way that goes above and beyond our normal teatime experience. You might even have the opportunity to meet other guests who share a passion for the same interests.

No matter the theme or type, each of our special events allows our guests to experience the best Fine Dining in Albuquerque over the full afternoon tea menu we are serving for the month. Read more about the different types of special events we put on.

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    The St. James Tearoom Presents:

    Special Events in Albuquerque

    Since our founding in 1999, we have put on a myriad of unique, one-of-a-kind Special Events for our guests to experience. We continually try new events in an effort to keep things fresh and exciting, but you can always count on each event being truly transportive.

    Our Thematic Teatime Special Events allow guests to immerse themselves in the world of our varying menu themes throughout the year. Guests might see an Un-Birthday Teatime event during our Whimsical Wonderland Tea Party menu or a St. James Speakeasy event in honor of the Roaring 2os and our Afternoon Tea at the Abbey menu or even a Harry Potter Trivia for our Recipes from the World of Wizards menu.

    Our Children’s Etiquette Special Events are designed to teach children (ages 4 and up) about etiquette and the heart of courtesy and are hosted by characters children will love. Some of our most recent character hosts include Wendy Darling, Mrs. Beaver, Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket, and even Alice and the Mad Hatter.

    Our Live Performance Special Events are a true delight for the soul, where guests can soak in various musical talents during their teatimes. We’ve had Carolers for Christmas and Live Pub Music for St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve even hosted performers from groups such as the NM Ballet Company for a truly unforgettable experience.

    Our Cigar Special Events are hosted outside during the cooler months. This is one of our oldest recurring events, where guests get to experience fine cigars with their full afternoon tea menu. A great event for the gentlemen!

    Our Cocktail Special Events feature two to three cocktails usually created with infusions of our signature teas and exclusively paired with the menu. We’ve had Candy-Cocktails for our You’ve Got a Golden Ticket menu, and we have even done a Rosé Wine Tasting for February and a flight of local beers for March. (Please note that the Tearoom does not serve hard alcohol.)

    Our Holiday Special Events help guests celebrate the day or the seasons with our British-style flair. Be it Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, you can usually find an event to make it special. A recurring favorite of our guests is the Murder Mystery Special Event that often shows up in October.

    Our Book Club Special Events allow guests to read a book before the teatime date and discuss it in small groups over a full afternoon tea. Go through selected old classics or experience an entire series by a single author.

    Community Seating vs. Private Seating for Special Events

    Some events are specially designed with community seating in mind, where guests may be seated with other groups at the same table. Our hope is that guests take this opportunity to connect with each other over common interests. Some of our guests have formed lifelong friendships this way and still come together to teatime!

    Some events are designed with private seating in mind, where guests are seated with their own party in their own seating area, just like they would be at a regular teatime. Our hope is to provide the space and fun atmosphere to help guests deepen the connections they already have and form unforgettable memories together.

    Please note that each event will make it clear which seating arrangement guests should expect.