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Tea in the Shire - November Menu

served November 3 – 29, 2020


served with “Earl of St. James” traditional black tea

Aragorn’s Chicken B’stilla

Sam’s Roasted Vegetables

Rosemary Lembas with Ham

Pippin’s Gruyere Quiche

Gandalf's Traditional Tea Sandwich:

House-Made Pickles and Fontina Cheese on Pumpernickel


served with “Hearthside Toddy” scented black tea

Hobbiton Herb Roll

St. James Traditional Cream Scone

Lemon Curd & Clotted Cream


served with “Harvest Apple Chamomile” herbal tea

Brandybuck Clementine Cake

Frodo’s Pumpkin Chai Pudding

Chocolate One Ring Tart

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served December 1, 2020 – January 3, 2021

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The St. James Greats

Learn about the Greats throughout history whom we admire for their Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence. Purchase in The St. James Market to start earning rewards as you discover the history behind each seating area's St. James Great!

The St. James Teas

Learn about each of our teas and how to steep them at home as you take notes on your preferences and mark which are your favorites. Purchase in The St. James Market to start earning rewards as you explore the world of our teas!

The St. James Market

Loose Leaf Tea

The St. James Market boasts more than fifty high-quality teas and a variety of tea-making accoutrements to ensure your daily cuppa is always at hand and your special tea party is a delicious success. Taste the featured tea at our Tea Bar, or join us for a special event to learn a special recipe! New to tea? Not sure where to start? Ask our knowledgeable staff! Each of our teas is unique as its own character...perhaps you’ll hear a story or two!

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Butterbeer Floats Recipe

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats

Inspired by the cold butterbeer mentioned throughout the Harry Potter stories, our Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats make the perfect sweet treat on a hot summer day. Caramelly, creamy, and cold, these Butterbeer Floats are well-balanced, not too sweet, and very refreshing. They are also extremely easy to make! We paired ours with some cream scones, […]

The Bonds of Shared Joy are Priceless!


 In Jane Austen’s day, the hearth was the center of family activity after dinner. The hearth, with its warmth and light, was the place to relax together after the day’s work was done, a bright, comfortable, cheering atmosphere that pushed away the dreariness of their non-electric lit nights. The ladies did their needlework as conversation took hold. Someone might have read aloud or played an instrument. This place, the hearth, warmed their heart, soul, and body. It was the way these people enjoyed companionship and kept their souls knitted together.

Berry Bread Pudding Recipe

Summer Berry Bread Pudding

Our Summer Berry Bread Pudding recipe was inspired by the British Regency Era and celebrates one of the best parts of summer—berries. In Jane Austen’s day traditional British puddings were regularly part of large meals. In fact, Jane Austen’s mother, Cassandra, once contributed a traditional British pudding recipe written in witty verse to a book […]

four colorful journals fanned out on a lace doily on top of a table


Journaling can be a perfect habit to form to help slow down. It can be used to organize thoughts for a new story, document the day for future nostalgia, practice drawing, or simply a place to pour your thoughts into the pages to give clearer vision.

Lime Mousse Tart Recipe

Lime Mousse Tarts

Light and sweet with just a little pucker, these Lime Mousse Tarts are a refreshing dessert for summer! Featuring freshly squeezed lime juice, lime zest, whipped cream, and flaky tart shells, they’re just the sort of whimsical treat we would expect to find on a tea table in Wonderland! Enjoy these little tarts with a […]

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