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A Father’s Influence

We LOVE daddies! And we have more than our share of the very best ones! John and his youngest daughter Daniela have made St. James tea a tradition; it’s their special time together. When they come, they bring carefully selected poetry to read during tea. In the beginning, this father specifically sought out the Tearoom
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The Five Aspirations

We’re eager to share why we continue to do what we do and how we continue onward in the midst of the storms of this world. This is an excerpt from our new Aspirations Quarterly publication now available in our Gift Shoppe. We hope these encourage you.  Here are the 5 aspirations we apply to the work we
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The latest in pictures from The St. James Tearoom

Teatime for all occasions… 320 Osuna Rd. NE Ste D For Reservations call: (505) 242-3752 Follow the links from our Instagram images below:

Finding Sanctuary in the Beauty of Music

I have not heard much discussion about Beauty these days…. What is Beauty? Is it important, or is it merely superfluous, an extra that is nice if one can get it? Is beauty synonymous with pretty? Does our culture believe that Beauty is a nonessential? Is the concept even worth wrestling with? I am convinced
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The Calm Before Disembarkation

With September we embark on our beautiful, New Mexico Autumn. A new school year has begun and things are beginning to chug along. But I know this is the calm before the storm. Soon the holidays will be upon me and time will be moving all too quickly. Now is my time for sanctuary, and
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The Art of Civility

Painting a Beautiful Picture for our World A beautiful painting arrests our attention, draws us in, causes us to stop and consider it. Beautiful art of any kind engages, challenges, and moves us. In the same way, the sight of courteous people living together in civil community is a beautiful thing to look upon, and
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The Finances of Civility

Love may always be known by its expenditures. The way I expend myself and extend myself for my fellows reveals my love. Is this love for others, or for myself? Arland D. Williams’ expenditure is well known. When Air Florida Flight 90 smashed into the frozen Potomac in the middle of a snowstorm, all but six
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The Mathematics of Civility

Not long ago I was tossing and turning on a very hard bed in the middle of the night, trying to make myself comfortable on a wafer-thin pillow, struggling to get some sleep before a a big day.  Growls and Grumbles were going through my mind: “They call this a Bed & Breakfast?  I thought
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Tea at the Fire Station

  Daddies are their little girls’ Knight in Shining Armor. Every Daddy is a hero in his daughter’s eyes, and the good ones never lose that place in her heart, even after she grows up and finds her own Prince Charming. There are heroes abroad, and there are heroes at home. Here is a story
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Intentional Love

Fifteen years ago, a little girl stood peering into the windows of tiny, newly-minted St. James Tearoom while her grandmother finished her business in the dress shop next door. She asked if they could go in, and see what was happening within. Victoria, the grandmother, and little Nicole came in to see what it was
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