Wooden cigar humidor holding cigar cutters and holder

Cigar Accessories

Our most popular, and most requested, events are our Cigar Teas. These events feature our full afternoon tea menu, which guests enjoy with a few good cigars on our lovely Tea Terrace. For lovers of our cigar events, or those that have always wanted to join, here are a few tips on how to create your own cigar tea at home!

In our St. James Market, we have some beautiful cigar accessories, including a set that can get any potential cigar connoisseur started. This set comes boxed in a humidor, essential for keeping cigars from drying out while stored, a cigar rest and ashtray, and a cutter. Sleek black wood and silver accents make this a classy choice that should fit with any style. Also available is a beautiful black leather cigar holder for cigar teas on the go. Cutters are also available in both sleek steel or classic wood accents.

To pair with your cigar, The St. James Market has many teas available to choose from. We recommend choosing a selection of black teas as the bolder flavor won’t be overpowered by the flavor of the cigar. Begin by deciding what kind of cigar you would like to enjoy with your teatime. A dark, bold cigar will pair nicely with a bold, traditional black tea such as Indian Assam or this month’s featured tea, Irish Breakfast. For a light, sweet cigar, try a dessert scented black tea like our Picasso’s Soirée. Also, check out our website for delicious recipes to serve with your cigar tea. Our most recent recipe of Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream lend a bittersweet chocolate flavor balanced with a sweet coffee buttercream.

Humidor Cigar Set: $109.95
Cigar Holder: $52.95
Cigar Cutters: $10.95