White gloved hands holding a silver tray containing several decks of playing cards

Provision and Standards Playing Cards

Retire to the Billiard Room for a round or two of cards whilst enjoying a good port or cup of tea. Our St. James Market has many beautiful decks of cards, and we have recently added two new decks to our stock! The Standards Playing Cards celebrate the extravagance of 19th century Britain. Crowns and crests in red, black, and gold make for the most regal of card games. Across the pond, Our Provision Playing Cards are inspired by 1682 Philadelphia. These orange and black hued cards pay tribute to the styles of Revolutionary America. As a fun tidbit, the Joker card wasn’t introduced into the now standard deck of cards until the 1860s in America to serve as a wild card in Euchre.

Provision Play Cards $13.95
Standards Playing Cards $22.00