St. James Tearoom January Employee of the Month: Alysse

January 2020 – Alysse

Starting off the new year, we are honored to present Alysse as our Employee of the Month! Alysse has been a Server at The St. James Tearoom since August of 2019. Though her time here has been short, Alysse has made a big impact on her team.

Fellow coworkers describe her as consistent and reliable. She even has a reputation of being an Early Bird—showing up early for shifts and always prepared to work! Alysse is known for taking initiative. Though she still may be considered new to the job, she has learned quickly what needs to be accomplished and does not hesitate to make sure it’s done.

This has all been accomplished by Alysse’s humility when approaching situations. She is never afraid to ask questions and gain full understanding before jumping into action. The level of care she takes with people and tasks is done so because of the level of care she has taken to understand. Through this, along with her cheerfulness, class, and humor, she is able to tailor her service to those around her. From a personalized touch to a guest’s teatime to sharing little homemade goodies with coworkers, she brings a beautiful experience for both guests and her team.

Thank you, Alysse, for your lovely presence, your willingness to learn and grow, and for bringing beauty to those around you!

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