Enjoy a Guinness Stout

Enjoy a Guinness Stout at your teatime! Paired perfectly with our Guinness World Record Irish Soda Bread, this malty, caramely, and bittersweet stout is available only through March 31, 2018, as a special tribute to our St. James Great Arthur Guinness. Ask your server to order.

About Guinness

St. James’s Gate is the largest Guinness brewery, founded in Dublin, Ireland, by Arthur Guinness, who created a product that would change British society forever. A devoutly Christian man, Guinness committed his life to bringing civility back to a culture that was rapidly declining.

Due to the fact that gin was cheap, it became popular with the poor and created an increase in privation, disease, and death rates of the common people in Britain. Burdened by the suffering he saw around him, Guinness fervently prayed about what he could do about the problem. He then received an idea and took it as a mandate from the Lord: “Make a drink that men will drink that will be good for them!”

This he did, and Guinness and other ales and beers were distributed to British society. Gin use was curbed, and Britain recovered to shine on the world stage in trade and commerce. Arthur Guinness, therefore, is an inspiration for his creativity, dedication, grace, and civility in acting as an agent for change.

Join us for Dublin’s Fare – Cheers to Arthur Guinness! served through March 31, 2018!

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