Candlelit tea scene with china, cookies, scones, and sandwiches with Christmas decorations

Old Country Roses China

This classic porcelain pattern from Royal Albert was first introduced in 1962, though its design was based on a previous pattern called King’s Ransom. Known for its iconic pink, red, and yellow roses, Old Country Roses celebrates England’s national flower and the quaint English garden. We simply want to celebrate this staple pattern that has been part of so many tea parties, holiday gatherings, and quiet cups of tea in the morning.

The Christmas season is often a time of reflection of the year and the people we have spent it with, but also one of anticipating the merriment with loved ones. Like Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses, may you have beautiful traditions for years to come and fond memories in your days of Christmases past.

Teapot $100.00
Cream & Sugar Set $55.00
Cup, Saucer, & Plate Set $60.00