October 2018 – Marisa

We are so pleased to present Marisa as October’s Employee of the Month! Marisa has been with the St. James family since May of this year as an Expeditor / Dishwasher.

We are so honored to have Marisa’s hard work and Servant’s Heart here at the Tearoom. While she is a great example of all our aspirations, Marisa truly exhibits Excellence in her daily work. We believe that Excellence is not something to be achieved for our own personal success, but to be attained so we may lift others up. Marisa’s influence on her dishwashing team, and the Tearoom as a whole is one who seeks to raise others to their highest potential. She is continually going above and beyond in her shifts and tasks by staying a little longer to ensure the next person’s shift is smooth or running an extra errand to lighten the burden of a team member.

Beyond shifts and tasks, Marisa lifts others through smiles and laughter. She helps to lighten the loads of those around her by brightening their day with her joy.

Though her day may be presented with dishes piled high, or tough tea stains, Marisa’s diligence, consistency, joyful spirit, and hard work is an inspiration to those around her. Thank you for being part of the team, Marisa!


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