Adrianna & Daniel - Employees of the Month May 2017

May 2017 – Adrianna & Daniel

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month of April!

Anne of Green Gables proved to be such a great success that our staff was called upon to go above and beyond to serve the multitude of guests that came to partake of our April menu. The nominations for Employee of the Month were so compelling that convention had to be thrown out the window and TWO employees were awarded! This month we honor both the front of the house and the back of the house; Adrianna representing our lovely “face”, and Daniel representing the amazing “strength” of our tearoom, both of which came together to encourage their co-workers to pull off a record breaking month of business.

Adrianna played the part of Anne’s’ bosom friend Diana in our Special Event Teas, which had encore  dates due to their popularity, and posed for many pictures on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages. She willingly and cheerfully accepted extra shifts as Server, Market Lady and Tea Brewer. Even when tired and not feeling her best she kept her smile on and was referred to as a “life-saver” in one of her nominations. A true “Bosom Friend”!

Daniel has been Employee of the Month before in his 4 years with us; he is a Chief on our path to excellence in his Leadership position as an expeditor working in the dish station, a true gentleman who leads by example, a great communicator and cheerful giver of himself. This past year Daniel has become a vital part of our kitchen team and has grown by leaps and bounds, mastering projects before moving on, a self-motivated researcher who enjoys the creative process of cooking and the expectation of creating an excellent product. His willingness to pick up extra shifts and his diligence in what he does encourages his co-workers and makes working at The St. James Tearoom a joy for so many!