March 2020 – Elijah

This month, we are excited to present Elijah as our Employee of the Month! Elijah has been with The St. James Tearoom as an Expeditor / Dishwasher since June of 2019.

Elijah’s heart for encouragement is a daily pursuit. He especially cares about his fellow Expeditors, building them up and finding ways to honor them for what they do. But everyone who comes into the Dish Station is welcomed by Elijah as he checks in on their day. He listens to people and looks for opportunities to help where he can, and he never fails to celebrate their accomplishments and good days. He is quick to remind and encourage the hard work he sees, wanting everyone around him to feel honored and valued.

Elijah is also not one to avoid hard work. He is efficient in the Dish Station and communicates thoroughly with his team as they come in for later shifts to ensure the smooth transition. But even outside the Dish Station, he is one to quickly jump to a coworker’s aid. Carrying someone’s extra box, or holding the door open, even if it means temporarily stopping his task to make sure they are not struggling, speaks volumes of the humility and Servant’s Heart that Elijah brings to the Tearoom every day.

Thank you, Elijah, for the way that you care, encourage, and serve others. We are so glad to be able to honor you this month!

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