Loose Leaf Tea

The St. James Tearoom offers a wide selection of fine loose leaf teas, both to be enjoyed during your teatime in-house and to purchase in The St. James Market to enjoy at home!

All of our loose leaf teas may be purchased in The St. James Market or ordered by phone at (505) 242-3752.  Most may be purchased and shipped on our Online Teashop page. 

The St. James Tearoom Loose Leaf Teas

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Afternoon in Mansfield Park

a berry grove
Fruit Scented Black Tea
St. James Blend

An African Morrow

maple bacon
Dessert Rooibos – Herbal Tea

Atlantic City Jubilee, 1923

creamy vanilla and delicate cherry
Fruit Scented Black Tea

Bingley & Jane

fresh peach cobbler
Fruit Scented Black Tea
August Exclusive

Black Pearl

organic jasmine and vanilla
Floral Scented Black Tea

Blueberry Festival

intoxicating blueberry aroma
Fruit Scented Black Tea

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

the Queen’s tea
Floral Traditional Black Tea

Candler’s Cherries, 1888

smooth, rich cherry
Dessert Scented Black Tea

Caramel Delights

dessert in a cup
Dessert Scented Black Tea

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

the Champagne of Ceylon
Breakfast Traditional Black Tea

Chai Express

sweet Indian spices
Dessert Scented Black Tea

Charleston Green

warm and nutty
Fruit Green Tea