July 2018 – Danae

We are pleased to introduce Danae as July’s Employee of the Month! Danae has been with The St. James since May of 2016 as one of our wonderful servers.

Danae is one of the most cheerful and joyful people we know. She has a great attitude that is always uplifting, encouraging, and brings a smile to those around her. She has a high level of endurance and energy that contributes to the excellent service that she provides, and that’s not only to her guests, but also to her team and those around her.

Her willingness to serve is an inspiration to those around her as she consistently goes above and beyond in her eagerness to help. She helps her teammates in their assigned tasks, always volunteers to make tea to brighten someone’s day, and even irons the aprons for other Servers.

Danae is a true example of our aspiration of Gentility, especially when she offers feedback or correction. Whether she needs to clarify something for a guest or offer feedback to a teammate, it is always gracious, gentle, and kind, which takes courage, strength, and Gentility.

Another of Danae’s great strengths is Connection. She not only demonstrates this through her guest connection, but also connection with her teammates. Danae has a great awareness of others and really listens to her guests and team members. By doing this, she is able to find the perfect way to personalize her service and value each person that comes across her path.

Thank you for blessing the Tearoom, Danae! We are so glad to have to part of the family!

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