Christmas bow and garland with ornaments

Holiday Shopping Guide

Did you know the majority of items in The St. James Market are $14.99 or less?

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and The St. James Market is the perfect place to find the perfect gift for whoever you have in mind! Here are a few tips to help remove the stress from your gift shopping this year:

  • Shop During Our Seatings. Our busiest times in the Market are between our teatime seatings. If you are wanting a little more room to leisurely browse, the calmest times are the following:
    • 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
    • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
    • 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
    • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (select days only; see our Market Hours for details)
  • Shop in the Evening. We tend to have fewer shoppers in the evenings, so stop by on your way home from work! Of course, whatever time works best for you, we will happily serve you to find those perfect little goodies for friends and family.
  • Gifts for the Whole Family. While we pride ourselves on our fine china and lovely tea, we actually have gifts for the whole family! A wide variety of books, stationery, scarves, pipes, and puppets, to name a few, fill our shelves to provide unique items for everyone in your life.
  • Individually Priced Tea Sets. We also have many beautiful patterns of porcelain for every tea lover. The items in our tea sets are individually priced to allow flexibility when picking out a gift. Simply pick up a teapot or teacup, or purchase an entire set to serve six guests for tea.
  • One-Stop Gift with Seasonal Variety Packs. Our Holiday tea variety packs include two 1-ounce bags of December-exclusive teas, a metal loose leaf tea infuser, sparkling sugar, and a silver spoon. Available while supplies last, these are great for one-stop shopping for any tea-lover in your life.
  • Make Your Own Cute Gift. As a fun gift idea, a teacup or mug can make a perfect mini gift basket: fill with a 2 oz. bag of tea, a demi spoon, and an infuser!
  • A Loose Leaf Tea for Everyone. We have over 60 teas to choose from in our Market! From herbals to black teas, green teas to pouchongs, with a wide variety of flavor profiles, we would love to help you pick a tea for that friend or family member in your life. Plus, our Market Attendants would be happy to assist in any tea-pairing questions for holiday dinners and get-togethers.
  • Don’t Forget an Infuser for that Loose Leaf Tea Gift. If you’re purchasing loose leaf tea as a gift, a quick but essential item to add may be an infuser. While preparing loose leaf tea is very easy to learn, if your recipient is a loose-leaf apprentice, they may not already have an infuser at home. Our Market Attendants are well-versed in finding the perfect infuser to complement your tea of choice!
  • New Christmas Goodies. Christmas has arrived in The St. James Market! We have ornaments galore, and each garland and tree has a different theme and color scheme. In addition, we have sweet figurines, holiday soaps and lotions, teacups, and infusers. Every nook of the Market has a little Christmas magic to share with you this time of year.
  • Peek in Your Bag for a Holiday Gift Tag. And if you make a purchase in our shop, be sure to peek in your bag for a little holiday gift tag to use for someone special!
  • Treat Yourself While You Shop. Enjoy sipping a hot tea sample while you look around. If you want to take home something extra, St. James Cream Scones, lemon and cranberry curd (available November 26th), and clotted cream are all available to purchase frozen from the Market, too!