February 2020 – Aubrey and Sam


We are excited to honor Aubrey as one of our two Employees of the Month this February! You may have been warmly greeted by Aubrey upon entering The St. James Market as she has been one of our lovely Market Attendants since February of 2019.
During her time here at The St. James Tearoom, Aubrey has become a beautiful example of Grace and Gentility. Her compassion and service of others is left unaltered no matter the circumstance. She is attentive to their needs, listens intently, and always responds with love and gentleness. Here at the Tearoom, we have a concept of seeing the value in others, honoring that value, and in turn, watching them appreciate in value. Aubrey is one that not only sees the value in everyone around her, but finds the perfect way to honor that person.
This heart for others does not stop with the guests she serves every day. She brings that same love and joy to her coworkers as well. Particularly with her humor and storytelling, she brings laughter and smiles to every shift! And she is always quick with an encouraging word or compliment to make someone’s day.
Thank you, Aubrey, for serving others with your humor and Grace. You bring fun and joy and add value to everyone around you!


As our second Employee of the Month for February, we are blessed to also honor Sam! Though behind-the-scenes, you probably have seen Sam’s handiwork with our sparkling porcelain. He has been with the Tearoom as an Expeditor / Dishwasher since September 2019.
Sam is a quiet but observant presence. He is one to jump into action when someone is in need, such as taking on extra tasks if he sees a teammate’s energy running low. Sam has also taken on the responsibility of making sure those easily-forgotten duties of the dish station are completed with Excellence. And he is known for going above and beyond in fixing broken fans, dishwashers, and the like with a joyful Servant’s Heart.
Coworkers describe him as consistent, encouraging, hard-working, and fun! Sam is mindful of his team, whether they are on shift or not. He is constantly looking out for them and also lifting them up to be their best. As Sam strives for Excellence, he challenges and supports those around him to do the same.
Thank you, Sam, for serving and encouraging those around you. You are an excellent example of a Servant’s Heart!

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