DuBay Beards

“May your beards never grow thin!” ~J.R.R. Tolkien.

The highest honor for a Dwarf is the length and depth of his beard. Though Tolkien did not go into great detail of how a Dwarf properly maintained a beard, we believe that if given the access to beard oils, Dwarves would have been the greatest proponents.

DuBay Beards is a local beard toiletry brand. Handcrafted with all natural ingredients, the line features beard oils, mustache waxes, moisturizers, washes, and combs in various scents to suit any man or Dwarf. Also, if you have a beard a Dwarf would envy, keep an eye on our social media for an upcoming opportunity to show off your Dwarf beard with pride!

Beard oils: $20.00, Mustache waxes: $8.00, Beard wash: $10.00, Siren moisturizer: $40.00