December 2019 – Victoria

This December, we are honoring Victoria as our Employee of the Month! Victoria has been a Server with the Tearoom since February of 2012. And recently, she has been helping out as one of our Large Party Coordinators. In her almost eight years of Tearoom knowledge and wisdom, Victoria shines as a beautiful servant leader.

Victoria has such grace and patience when training new Servers. She remains calm and steady, never letting the busyness of a seating affect her teaching. Always mindful of the needs of others, she is known to continually strive to lighten loads and take on burdens with grace so others do not have to bear them. She always enters into a shift, whether it is her first of the week or last, with a smile on her face and a witty joke or pun to make her team laugh.

Here at the Tearoom, we frequently remind ourselves that: “People will forget what you say, and they will forget what you do, but no one will ever forget how you made them feel.” Looking at Victoria’s influence and eight-year legacy, the Servers she has trained, regular guests who greet her as an old friend, and a team that spreads across all departments, she had made them all feel valued, loved, served, and joyful. Thank you, Victoria, for the beautiful and gentle way you serve and lead others!

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