Glass pint glasses decorated with the word "Cheers" on a wooden table with a tea pot and flowers in the background

Cheers Pint Glasses

This month we’re raising a glass to Arthur Guinness and the work he did for his city. Dublin was a place of addiction and poverty. Most people sought ways to leave the city, finding jobs in England and leaving Dublin behind. A talented brewer, Guinness could have easily followed the same path to make a comfortable life for himself and his family. Instead, he chose to stay and give of himself and his talents to those around him. Though Guinness did not have a platform of change, he found ways to create influence and live from abundance with what he had to give. What did he have? He had a talent for brewing beer. He had a 9,000 year contract to create a brewery. And he had a heart and vision for his fellow Dubliners. With these three seemingly small things, he not only created a safer alternative to the unsafe water and gin, but also jobs, housing, education, and community. Though a worldwide brand name to this day, Arthur Guinness started by seeing the person in front of him and giving what he had to give. We celebrate the servant-hearted Guinness by declaring “Cheers!”

Price: $8.95