Blue Diamond China

A cup of tea can be much more than a hot drink. To us, a cup of tea is a means of escape from the bully world, even for just a moment. It gives a chance to slow down and create space in one’s day. And that space may be used for rest, reflection, or building relationships.

Within Tolkien’s stories, he created moments of rest for his heroes, particularly amongst the Elves. They seemed to be scooped up right at their breaking point and given space in their journey to recuperate. This month’s featured china pattern evokes that imagery of the time with the Elves, with an ornate pattern of blues, golds, and silvers. Available again in The St. James Market beginning October 29th.

Teapot: $31.95, Cup & Saucer: $21.95, Cream & Sugar set: $22.95, Tray: $22.95