The Proper Way to Eat a Scone

In the oh, so proper world of tea etiquette, there are six (yes, SIX) ways to properly eat your scone.  The main thing to remember, however, is that the scone must be halved horizontally.  Please don’t hurt my heart by cutting the scone in half with a knife!  Scones are tender, delicate little treasures, and to tear their insides with a cold, hard knife is just too cruel!  Like most of us, these fine yet fragile delicacies will yield much more willingly to a gentle touch.  (You MAY properly cut your scone with your knife if you are so heartless; I will look the other way….)

The cream and jam or curd must never be served directly from the serving dish to your scone.  These additions must be deposited on your plate, or at least make a brief appearance there,  before being spread onto your scone, using your knife.  You may spread one half of the scone...but worth it! at once (although this makes liberal napkin use much more likely) or spread bite by bite.  The big faux pas here, besides not halving your scone, is putting the two halves back together – a McScone.   Very messy (as shown with my nephew here.)

For those who want to be truly HOITY TOITY, try eating a scone the Continental way  using only a knife and fork (look Mom, no hands!).  This may (or may not) be a useful skill in life to master, but to my way of thinking, it is a very impersonal way to indulge in such luxury (again, that cold, cruel knife!).  To my way of thinking, a tender little delicacy like this deserves the most personal and reverent touch and admiration.

One must respect a worthy scone, but a worthy scone (buttery, tender, fragrant, heart-warming, soul-nourishing!) should be enjoyed.  So please, treat your scone properly, but not TOO properly.  Abandon yourself to each crumb and morsel.  It can be Life. Changing.

Yes indeed, Life. Changing. And these are not my words.  (See HERE for proof!)

Yours for Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence…  AND respect for the Worthy Scone,

Mary Alice