The Calm Before Disembarkation

With September we embark on our beautiful, New Mexico Autumn. A new school year has begun and things are beginning to chug along. But I know this is the calm before the storm. Soon the holidays will be upon me and time will be moving all too quickly. Now is my time for sanctuary, and I must be intentional if I am not to be overtaken.

September, to me, is a bit like time seated on a train before one gets to one’s destination: a moment to sit still, watch the scenery go by, reflect and plan for what is to come, and garner the strength to face it. If used well, September may help me gain courage, quiet my soul, and even reconnect with those who mean most. Like that gracious and slower mode of travel, wheels clacking, train moving, September can be a parentheses, space for a breath, and respite before the busy disembarkation.

If I am not to become tattered and frayed as I near the next stop, now is my time to




I must wisely take the time for the IMPORTANT before being overtaken by the URGENT.

Slow down, my soul! Allow yourself serenity to watch the scenery go by. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy conversation simply for delight. This is a resource! It nourishes and prepares. It is NOT insignificant. So soon the urgent and hectic will overtake, and you will need your strength.

“Never let the Urgent crowd out the Important.”

Allow yourself serenity to watch the scenery go by.
Allow yourself serenity to watch the scenery.

Yours for the return of grace, civility, beauty, gentility, and excellence,

Mary Alice