Employee of the Month September 2019: Adrianna

September 2019 – Adrianna

We are overjoyed to be honoring Adrianna as our Employee of the Month this September. Adrianna has been with the Tearoom since December of 2015 in every capacity she can find! She has served our guests as a Server, Market Attendant, and Shift Leader. Behind the scenes, she diligently cleans the Tearoom every week, makes our popular Beef Wellingtons every December, and coordinates uniforms for the staff!

In every area that she serves, Adrianna is described as one who is diligent, hardworking, and patient. She has excellent follow through—always making sure she is seeing every one of her jobs to completion. Because she has such a widespread knowledge across the Tearoom, she is frequently called upon to help cover shifts. Even if this means sacrificing days off, Adrianna does so both willingly and cheerfully.

Adrianna is someone who loves to be prepared and is always thoughtful in her preparation. In the position of a Shift Leader, being at the helm of a busy day at the Tearoom can bring unexpected challenges. However, Adrianna leads with Grace. She never shows her frustration. And even if she may be juggling multiple tasks, the people she leads know that she has set them up for success and is still available to teach and guide.

Adrianna’s passion for the Tearoom, its guests, and its staff shows in her dedication. She is an example of Grace and Excellence as she busies herself by doing her tasks to the best of her ability, but is never too busy to serve those around her. Thank you, Adrianna, for being such an example for your team all these years!

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