Roamin’ – The Lone Re-Arranger

‘Luv you!’

Roamin’ loves being loved! In the mornings when I sit outside in the swing, she politely lays her head on my knee and with her big, expressive, brown eyes asks, “May I come up and swing, too?”

May I ???
May I ???

I won’t let her on the furniture inside, but I can’t resist those eyes when I am outside. (Outside furniture IS different!)  I pat the swing and she hops up, curling up as closely as possible. She likes swinging and snuggling, and so do I!



Snugglin' and Swingin' with Roamin'
Snugglin’ and Swingin’
with Roamin’

When I sit at the table working on my computer, there she is, curled up, touching my feet. Such company!

She stays patiently hidden under the bed until she hears me stirring of a morning, and without fail bounds out with a wag and a quiet but bright “Good morning!” Such a cheerful way to begin one’s day!

“How easy it is for one benevolent being to diffuse pleasure around him, and how truly is a kind heart a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles.” (Washington Irving)

But if I must leave, which I must, she is disconsolate. The first time I left her inside, I tiptoed away, listening to hear what would happen. I had never heard her bark before! She barked twice and then her bark turned into a long cry – “Don’t lee-ee-eave me alooo-oooo-oone! Pleee-ease don’t desert me! I love you – Don’t leeeeave!”

I HAD to leave! Somehow, she HAD to learn that it was okay, that we would always return for her, that we would not abandon her!

I left.

When I returned, she was overcome with joy that she was not abandoned. (She couldn’t help squirting a little, but is getting better at this….) She wriggled and twisted and flopped down on her back, sunny-side-up, squirming and flailing her legs (still does), expressing in every square inch of her body her delight at seeing me again. (How easy to lighten and brighten each other’s day by expressing delight in seeing one another again at day’s end…).  “She came back for me!”

One of my slippers was moved. It was not chewed or damaged, but simply moved. I think she slept on it. The curtain was askew. She obviously stood on her hind legs to look out the window. A sandwich bag of toasted almonds, which had been on the kitchen counter, was resting, undamaged – not a hole in it – on the stairs. Since then, we have noticed many objects re-arranged: a jar of hand cream, clothes I have left on the edge of the tub show up in the living room (that’ll teach me!), a box of tissues on the floor, with tissues scattered….  She obviously is able to keep herself occupied when left alone.

 Roamin’ – The Lone Re-Arranger

Gradually she is beginning to relax and believe that we will come back for her. She still gets anxious, though, and does NOT like to be left alone. We’ve taken to leaving her outside in our little courtyard when we must. She knows when we are going to do this, and obligingly goes outside, not an ounce of joy in her body, but still quietly obedient. Not happy, but she will obey, and wait….  (I hope we get this figured out by winter-time….)

Roamin’ adds a completely new dimension to our home! A welcoming spirit, an enthusiastic and patient companion. She has her own personality, with feelings of joy and delight, fear and dread, patient resignation, and great love. She adds energy. She adds interest. Delight. She keeps us guessing and learning and growing ourselves. A new member of our family.

Roamin’ – Conqueror of Hearts

But for how long? …

How easy it is for one benevolent being to diffuse pleasure around him, and how truly is a kind heart a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles.” (Washington Irving)  The world needs more benevolent beings, more fountains of gladness like Roamin’!

Yours for a return to Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence …         Mary Alice

It’s All About Relationships!

(Though Roamin’ does seem to be feeling more secure, are there any tips for me on how to handle the anxiety Roamin’ faces when she must be left alone?)