Rise of the Roamin’ Empire (3)


I must keep telling myself: “It is the RISE of the Roamin’ empire!” An empire is not conquered and contained in a day – or a month. Time is necessary!  Patience is needed!  Constancy, consistency, discipline, and love!

The Lone Re-Arranger Has Struck Again!

 This time she struck as I slept…. the little Rascal!  Usually Roamin’ sleeps directly under me, and wakes me up bright and early in the morning.  Loud flapping of the ears, front paws up on the bed, perky little kisses on knees or toes, joyful bouncing – “It’s a new day! Time to get up! Let’s play!”  But this morning I just could not get up. I slept in until 7:30.  …

 Bad idea.

 When I got up I discovered the Lone Re-Arranger had been at work. A large cookbook that had been on the coffee table was now on the floor, chew marks on its corners. The front cover of another book and its first few pages had been chewed, swallowed, digested, and regurgitated.  Her leash was on the stairs.  A twenty dollar bill that Jim had left on my purse was in pieces on the carpet — but not all the pieces!

Patience! Consistency! Discipline! Love!

You can see here what she did to our front door:

 The Door - Chewed!


So now she has a crate.  We call it “The Joint”.  When we leave, we put her in it; when we get back, we can hardly wait to ‘get her out of the Joint.’  One kind soul who read about Roamin’’s unhappiness at being left alone suggested Country music was comforting to dogs as they waited for their master.  So Roamin’ gets to listen to two-steppin’ songs in The Joint.  Often she gets to eat in there, with the door open, of course. Sometimes, we throw the ball in, or treats, trying to give good associations.  She is getting used to it and goes in readily, if not enthusiastically.  To us, it still feels like The Joint, and we always hurry to get back home so we can get her out of it.


In 'the Joint'
In ‘the Joint’


Amazing how one’s heart can become attached so that, even in absence, one’s inner eyes see the loved one waiting in The Joint, patiently, silently, dependently….

….But with Roamin’, patience is needed by both parties.  She continues to be the Lone Re-Arranger.

We are taking obedience classes, and working every day.  We are both learning a lot.  I am learning to speak Dog and to be a good master; she is learning to speak People and be obedient.  The goal is for her to learn her manners – to learn Civility.  After all, she is a tearoom doggie.

Civility” – a word which comes from the Latin ‘civitas’, meaning ‘city’ – people living in proximity, rubbing elbows, working together, driving together, merging, yielding, taking turns, listening, sharing freeways and toys, forgiving… civility is that oil which allows the gears to mesh smoothly.  Without it, there is grating, grinding, pressure, and breakdown.  Life is more pleasant, and so much more can be accomplished where Civility reigns!

And so we are working together, Roamin’ and I, patiently trying to communicate and learn each other’s language, endeavoring to gain Civility and learn our manners.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will Roamin’ and our own personal empire.

Look how closely she resembles Cherriwyn, the silent Watcher and Welcomer at our St. James Tearoom door for 10 years:

  ... trying to be a tearoom doggie ...
… trying to be a Tearoom doggie …


Cherriwyn has been a good Greeter of Guests all these years, but, although Cherriwyn is not a Re-Arranger; she does not chew doors or twenty dollar bills, neither does she give kisses:


     Welcome indeed!
Welcome indeed!

Civility – yes, there must be give and take, but the rewards are many!

After all, it is the RISE of our empire,

the RISE of our ‘Civitas’.

We will continue to work at it.

Yours for the return of Grace, CIVILITY, Beauty, Gentility, & Excellence,

Mary Alice