Rise of the Roamin’ Empire (2)

…Our homeless friend had gotten on the bus in Albuquerque. Would he stay on it all the way to Louisiana, where a good and helpful program awaited? …In the meantime, his sweet little dog Roamin’ was starting a new life with us…. Would she be able to stay?

Matthew had explained to us how addictive being on the road was, how easy to hop a boxcar out of town – to thumb your nose at what you don’t like and just move on. If someone insults you or displeases you, you can say ‘forget you’ and leave for Arizona (he expressed it differently). We waited with bated breath. Would Matthew stay on the bus all the way to Louisiana?

Finally, Daniel received a call. Matthew had arrived! He had stayed on the bus all the way! It was Friday when he arrived, now he had to wait until Monday to enter the program. We knew he would not be allowed to stay with his parents. Where would he stay over the weekend? Would he be willing to hang around until Monday? ….

Monday morning Daniel received a message from Matthew’s mom – he had done it! He had entered the program! Amazing!!!

Now he had two weeks without any communication, so we just had to sit tight and wait. After two weeks, would we find him on our doorstep, wanting Roamin’ back? ….

In the meantime, Roamin’ was trying to get used to her new surroundings. She had to get shots, get her temperature taken (which thoroughly offended her!), and be tested for parasites. Yuck.

Matthew had said he was sure she had been abused, and we immediately began to see why he thought so. If ever we raised a hand to pet her, and especially if we tried to touch her hind quarters, she would cringe and cower. Any loud noise would send her running off with her tail between her legs. Just looking at her sternly would cause her to crawl on her belly. She would not leave my side willingly, not even for a moment. For a week I took her everywhere, even to the tearoom, where I would keep her in my office or upstairs. In the car she would curl up in the smallest ball possible in the back seat, and resignedly await her fate.

Forlorn - adjective '...pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely...'
Forlorn – adjective
‘…pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely…’

But she LOVED being loved! She would crawl under my side of the bed and sleep as near to me as she was able (since I would not let her up on the bed!). Now she has a soft little doggie-bed right there, which she likes. Somehow it is comforting to her to be all the way underneath something – hidden, and safe…. One morning I awoke with my hand hanging off the edge of the bed. She was sitting with her head snuggled up into my hand, just sitting quietly like that. (Don’t we all need a kind and gentle touch?)

Everyone needs love. Some bark loudly and often. “Notice me!” Some curl up into tiny little balls. “I won’t be a trouble.” Some quietly and unobtrusively get as close as they may. “Love me?”

Will you love me? Can I stay?
Will you love me?
Can I stay?

This is the Rise of the Roamin’ Empire, alright.

But the conquest is gentle and sweet…

and welcome …

Yours for a return to Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence,

… and being conquered by love,

Mary Alice

It’s all about relationships.