Fortune's Favor Pear Green Tea

Presenting Our New Green Tea!

Sir Chauncy and “Fortune’s Favor”

It is a warm summer afternoon, and our story opens on the sleeping form of a brave knight on his way home from travels in the Far East. He has seen many wonders, has this knight, Sir Chauncy: great statues and a stone wall, tall thin hills and slender bamboo. He has even witnessed the harvesting of the Emperor’s tea by young girls in morning mist with golden scissors.

A gift from the Emperor himself to our knight was a sack of fine green tea leaves with white tea buds, which our hero has carried these many, many miles. He now sleeps in the summer sun in the forests of Burgundy, still not yet home, but surrounded by beautiful and delicious pears. He is blissfully unaware of the change taking place in his sack of tea where he had put some of the tempting pears earlier in the afternoon. Now, it too sits in the sun, waiting for Sir Chauncy to awaken from his doze.

But he does not wake until it is nearly dark, and hunger has overtaken him. With quick skill, he fells a beast for his dinner and roasts it over a fire. As it thus cooks, he takes some water from the nearby stream, heats it over the flame, and reaches for his sack of tea. Upon opening it, he is surprised to find that the pears he had so carelessly tossed in a few hours before were now well-warmed by the sun and permeating the sack’s contents. His precious tea!

Undaunted, as all knights should be, he steeps the leaves, yet inside him a fear remains…. But its flavor is delightful! Its flavor is divine! The sweet pears have infused the tea with their juicy essence, and he feels that Fate has brought him here to sleep beneath this tree so that his tea may become this grand.

Experience our delightful new signature green tea, “Fortune’s Favor.” The wonderful fragrance of sugared pear pieces will draw you to this green tea laced with white tea leaves. Light and enchanting, its sweetness may yet be complemented by a touch of white sugar. Available for purchase in our Market in 2 oz. and 4 oz. packages.

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