October 2019 Employee of the Month - Jael

October 2019 – Jael

We are excited to honor Jael as our Employee of the Month this October. Jael has been with us as an Expeditor / Dishwasher since February of this year. Though she has only worked at St. James for a short while, her impact on her team and the Tearoom as a whole has been momentous.

Jael is consistently willing and ready to work. She is quick to learn and apply her knowledge purely for the sake of helping those around her. Her work ethic never wavers and can always be depended upon during her shifts.

One of Jael’s greatest influences is her desire for growth. Every shift, she is willing to step out of her comfort zone to help the team in whatever way she can. If that particular task is challenging or brand new, she is quick to not only learn this new task, but to learn and apply it from a place of Excellence.

Anyone who is blessed enough to work with Jael knows that her desire to take on new tasks and do them well is not from a place of self-service or showing off, but rather the opposite. Jael has such a servant’s heart and is astute in seeing if someone is in need. She sees the influence of her actions, and strives to make everything she touches, whether it be a dish, tea, or spoon, perfect and ready to bless those who need it.

Thank you, Jael, for being such a blessing to your team as you are constantly Valuing, Honoring, and Appreciating those around you. We are so glad to have you as part of The St. James family!

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