November 2019 – Susan

We are blessed to honor Susan as our Employee of the Month this November. Susan has been with the Tearoom since January of 2014 as a Server, Reservationist, and Large Party Coordinator.

Susan is one who instinctively sees when another has a need and finds a way to serve them. As an example, she started coming in on the busiest days to help support her fellow Reservationists with the influx of calls. And she stepped in as a Large Party Coordinator when she saw that the need was growing beyond the capability of the current team.

Guests have described her as very kind while she helps them plan and book their teatimes. She does so with grace and gentleness, whether it is a first time caller needing questions answered about the whole experience or a regular guest looking to book their monthly appointment for tea! Susan is also continually mindful of coordinating changes to reservations with the rest of the Tearoom, so that the experience for guests and the team is cohesive and beautiful.

The most striking thing about Susan is that she is the one thanking others and noticing others for all they do. She sees the value and beauty in others and strives to reflect that back to them so they may feel honored. No need of another or gesture of kindness is an inconvenience for her Servant’s Heart. Thank you, Susan, for being such an important part of the Tearoom!

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