November 2017 – China

Our guests are largely responsible for China being our November Employee of the Month; their surveys continually praise her by name. Her gentle and observant manner truly shines with guests and coworkers alike. China is one of our most consistent Servers, and her reliability and communication skills make her a wonderful addition to her team. China has a great attitude and puts the needs of the team before her own, which leads to smooth shifts for everybody! China began serving tea here in January and has grown into the role of servant-leader, kindly correcting and leading new coworkers.

China is a junior at UNM, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology and Spanish. She is a busy young woman who is a delight to be around.

True to her name, like the porcelain cups we serve tea in, China is beautiful in her translucence; her strength and toughness are hidden behind the grace and light that shines from her delicate features. It is a pleasure to be served by such a treasure. Congratulations, China, on excellent service!