May 2019 – Emily

This May, we are celebrating Emily as our Employee of the Month! Emily has served her team and our guests as a Market Attendant since April of 2018.

Though Emily has only been part of the Tearoom family for a little over a year, she has quickly become a valuable leader with her quiet strength. She has been diligent and humble in learning even the smallest details about the Market and Tearoom and has used her knowledge to build her team up around her. Whether she is correcting a mistake, or teaching a new Market Attendant a new skill, she does so with such a patience and graciousness to allow that person room to grow.

She is conscientious and an observer of both people and porcelain. Whether it is a chip in a teacup or a guest needing her bags carried across the courtyard to her car, Emily remains present and ready to make everything around her excellent. Even when guests are making their way out of their teatime, her ears are tuned to their footsteps so she may be ready to serve as they come around the corner.

Emily brings a peacefulness to the Market even on the busiest days. A saying we have here at the Tearoom is “calm is contagious,” and she certainly embodies that sentiment. Emily inspires us through her mindful actions and gentle words. Congratulations Emily, and thank you for being part of the St. James family!

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