March 2019 – Isaac

This March, we are excited to present Isaac as our Employee of the Month! Isaac has been with The St. James Tearoom as an Expeditor Dishwasher since October of 2018. In his short time here, Isaac has made a huge impact on his team and the Tearoom as a whole.

One word to describe Isaac is “encourager.” At the Tearoom, we have our core principles: Value, Honor, Appreciate. This means we see the Value in others, we choose to Honor them, and as a result their lives Appreciate in value. Just about everyone here at the Tearoom would say they have felt honored by Isaac’s encouragement, mindfulness, and Servant’s Heart.

His attitude and work ethic never change with circumstances. A flooded dish station or dishes piled high, Isaac remains calm, thorough, and focused. He sets an example for his team and helps them grow through his words and support. Thank you Isaac for being one who inspires the best in others!

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