Rachel - Employee of the Month July 2017

July 2017 – Rachel

Last month we got to congratulate Rachel on her recent high school graduation. This month we get to congratulate her for being chosen as Employee of the Month!

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to be served by Rachel knows just how sweet and friendly she is in her quiet, attentive, and gentle ways; in fact, many of our guests compliment her by saying they really enjoy her service. Her big, beautiful smile lets them know she truly enjoys serving them.
Rachel is truly an amazing person in her care and concern for all aspects of The St. James Tearoom, including The St. James Market Team. They love how Rachel checks in on them, even when she doesn’t have to. She also received high praise from the Market for brewing excellent pots of our Atlantic City Jubilee, a tea that sometimes requires extra finesse to get a perfect blend of creamy notes, sophisticated vanilla, and delicate cherry flavor.

Rachel is always willing to help her team, stepping in when needed to make sure everything is accomplished excellently. She is reliable, and our Shift Leaders can count on her when she is working a shift. We are so blessed that she factored in working here when she chose to stay in Albuquerque and attend UNM. Thank you, Rachel!