January 2019 – Beka

We are excited to honor Beka as January’s Employee of the Month! Beka has been part of The St. James Family since November of 2016 as part of our kitchen team.

Beka is an incredibly hard worker. She is consistent and thorough with her tasks. This past Christmas season, she, along with her fellow kitchen staff, went above and beyond in valuing, honoring, and appreciating every guest they served. From weeks with the highest number of tea-goers we have seen, to the last minute changes that the snow and ice brought, Beka continued to be attentive to every detail of the menu, making sure everything was excellent and delicious!

Last year, Beka stepped into the role of Kitchen Shift Leader and has grown in her positive impact on her team. She is skilled at guiding her shifts: making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. When potentially difficult or frustrating situations arise, she leads with grace and patience.

Beka is a blessing to the entire kitchen team. She leads her team with a clear vision and direction. She is able to listen intently to others but is also not afraid to speak up or gently correct when she needs to. Through her presence, excellence, and gentility, we are overjoyed to have Beka as part of our team!


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