How Drinking Tea Can Keep You Healthy

If you fear for your health amidst the recent news of the pandemic sweeping the globe, you’re not alone. While many preventative measures are being taken by state governments to help reduce the spread of this virus, you can be proactive in guarding your health, too. The best part is that it isn’t a spoonful of astringent medicine to swallow; it’s simply a nice warm cup of tea.

Many studies have been done regarding the health benefits that come from regularly drinking tea. All teas have flavonoids that help boost our immune system and keep us healthy. Every tea you drink has some form of beneficial attributes. Herbal teas and tisanes can be high in vitamins that come from the fruits contained in them. Black teas have lower levels of polyphenols than other teas because of their longer fermentation period, but the trade off is a healthier alternative to coffee. Green teas have the most numerous health advantages as they are oxidized for less time, which better preserves the natural antioxidants contained within the leaves.

Drinking tea regularly can help to reduce your chances of being diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. It even contains antiviral components that help to prevent the flu. The best way to ensure that you are benefiting as much as possible from your tea is to purchase whole, loose-leaf teas from trustworthy sources, like The St. James Tearoom. The higher the quality of tea you consume, the more likely you are to have a greater source of its benefits.

Social distancing, isolation, and quarantine are scary words, and indeed circumstances. But fear cannot change the state of the world at the present time; only our actions and perceptions can. So, instead of becoming consumed by the news and progression of this pandemic, try to keep calm and carry on, and consume tea instead.

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