Finding Sanctuary Amidst the Storm

Many people find respite within the walls of The St. James Tearoom, but for Cindy Hargett, it offers something more. “It is a haven from the modern world,” Cindy says. “The ambiance feels like you’ve stepped back in time to a more genteel place.”

Cindy recently spent an afternoon at St. James with her sister, LeRene, who was visiting from her home town of Wichita, Kansas. “I’ve always enjoyed the experience, and St. James was the first place I thought about when deciding where to take her.” While Cindy visits the Tearoom regularly with a group of friends to celebrate their birthdays, this visit had an even deeper meaning.
“I am currently undergoing my second round of chemo for breast cancer,” said Cindy, “and my sister, LeRene, came in to help me as I undergo treatment. We decided to have a ‘play day’ the Friday after my treatment and go somewhere special for lunch. I have always enjoyed my visits to the Tearoom and knew she would, too. It was such a nice reprieve to enjoy a delicious, leisurely lunch and all of the relaxing teas.”

The comfort and privacy of their seating area allowed them to escape from the cause of the visit and spend two hours worrying about little more than enjoying themselves. “My sister and I had a little corner all to ourselves and we were able to spend several hours just visiting, eating, laughing, and relaxing. She had never been to a tearoom before and was totally enchanted with the whole experience.”

Despite the circumstances surrounding her health and treatment, Cindy’s positive and uplifting outlook on life offers inspiration to anyone struggling through a difficult time of their own. “Be good to yourself and keep life as normal as possible through the chaos. Allow others to serve you and accept it with genuine thankfulness and graciousness,” Cindy suggests. “Think about others and what you can do to serve them; by giving to others I find I don’t focus all my attention on myself and my current life challenge, which helps me to look outward, not inward. Most of all, build a support system of people that will be with you through the hard journey, who have your best interests, and who love you no matter what happens, like my sister!”

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