February 2019 – Maggie

We are excited to honor Maggie as our Employee of the Month for February. Maggie has been a wonderful part of the Tearoom as a Server since November 2017.

Her guests have called her charming, delightful, and incredible. Her coworkers describe her as gracious, humble, kind, reliable, and selfless. She inspires her team with her willingness to go above and beyond, even in the smallest tasks such as boxing up her guests’ leftovers. Maggie also takes joy in serving her coworkers, gently helping them if they are falling behind in their tasks.

Maggie can be best described as one who is consistent. Though a consistent worker may be one who isn’t always noticed, and sometimes even overlooked, they are the backbone of the team. Her consistency is what makes those days she works go smoothly. It is what gives her team a standard of Excellence. And it is what makes those around her feel valued and cared for.

Thank you, Maggie, for taking such good care of everyone who is blessed to know you!


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