December 2018 – Sarah

We are excited to honor Sarah as December’s Employee of the Month! Sarah has been part of The St. James Family since August of 2016 as first an Expeditor / Dishwasher before becoming a Server.

Sarah is a wonderful example of the St. James Aspirations of Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, and Excellence. She strives to exhibit all five on a daily basis which creates a beautiful work environment. After completing her assigned tasks with excellence and efficiency, she is quick to jump in and help others complete their tasks. She is always a cheerful giver and makes the extra effort to go above and beyond in serving her guests.

Sarah not only cheerfully comes to the Tearoom to complete her regularly assigned shift, but keeps a watchful eye out to help coworkers in need, even if they are on a different team! She does this without a single complaint or a drop in spirit even if that offer of help means lifting a heavy box, cleaning a flooded dish station, or sacrificing her time.

We have a saying here at the Tearoom: “Calm is Contagious.” Sarah is one who brings joy and a calm confidence to those around her, especially her team. Her encouraging and uplifting spirit is truly contagious!


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