Come into my courtyard…

Come Into My Courtyard; Meet Ginger Syllabub

Morning is peeking over my garden gate. Come in; I’d like to introduce you to someone special.

I have been nurturing Ginger Syllabub since she was a baby – five years! I planted her roots in good soil in the certain knowledge that she had a great struggle ahead of her. I needed her to exert her best effort and climb, climb, climb towards the sunshine so that eventually she might festoon the high arch of my gate with her blossoms. It would be a long, dark struggle for her to reach the light, but with my continual cultivation and her persistence, just look, here she is – finally victorious!

...reaching, climbing for the sun..
…reaching, climbing for the sun..

A triumphant struggle! Without ever seeing a bloom, we both endured, and just see the glorious result. Now the sun can reach down and kiss the tops of her frilly little heads! In the breezy afternoons she nods a greeting to those who enter my gate. After 5 years of quiet growth in anonymity, now her bright presence makes itself known in my garden. A beautiful success!

I thought seeing this exquisite rose might bless you this day, as she certainly blesses me.

Every rose that I know intimately has a story to tell. This is Ginger Syllabub’s.

Ginger Syllabub – Victorious Perseverance

Yours for a return to Grace, Civility, Beauty, Gentility, & Excellence,

Mary Alice