Bicycle Etiquette

May is National Bicycle Month. And here is our gentle reminder for both bicyclists and motorists alike to practice Bicycle Etiquette.  (And isn’t our little Victorian bicyclist a most proper and memorable representation of the concept?!)

My husband James has commuted on his bicycle for over 35 years and has had some near misses, so this is a subject dear to my heart. Whenever he is late from work, I begin to sincerely hope everyone has been practicing Bicycle Etiquette on his route!

Etiquette is simply the courteous and caring awareness of others, and this awareness of others is important at the table, in the board room, the classroom, and on the streets. It can mean preservation of an amiable atmosphere as well as preservation of life and limb.

Courtesy and etiquette: restraining ourselves for the benefit of others… aware of others, and full of care for others – vital in any type of community life!

Yours for Civility & Courtesy on our streets, in our homes, and all places in between,

Mary Alice