August 2019 – Chloe

This August, we are honoring Chloe-Joy as our Employee of the Month! Chloe has been with The St. James Tearoom as a Server since March of 2018. During her time with us, she has been a constant presence of grace and cheerfulness.

Chloe remains ever positive and kind to those around her. Her quiet sense of humor leaves her team laughing and joyful even on the busiest shifts.

Her service to others, both guests and fellow teammates, is one of mindfulness. Chloe is incredibly mindful of her attitude and actions, and how they are an influence on others. On her busy days where she takes on extra tasks, she carries them with the same intentionality and positivity as she would on easier days. Chloe continues to strive toward making her guests and teammates feel special and uniquely served even on limited time. This is a great example of our aspirations of Grace and Gentility: constantly serving from a place of abundance despite changing circumstances.

This influence is quiet, but a necessary element to the St. James team as a whole. By setting this example of unrelenting gentleness and remaining steady and cheerful throughout busy and slow days, Chloe is making a huge difference. Thank you for your unwavering presence, and congratulations!

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