The Best Staycation

in Albuquerque

By Reservation Only

Planning a traditional vacation can be stressful, costly, and end up leaving you more tired than before, which is why Staycations have become so popular.

Staycations provide the space to step out of your normal routine and find fun things to do that are close to where you live, all without the hassle and cost of traveling.

Look no further for the Best Staycation Place in Albuquerque!

The St. James Tearoom provides exactly what you want in a vacation.

Great food.

Uninterrupted time to connect with family.

Space for thought and reflection.

New experiences.

A place to relax and restore yourself.

Staycation Albuquerque - St. James Tearoom - Three Tier Food Tray with 4 Regular Menus

Experiential Fine-Dining in Albuquerque

Experience Fine-Dining in Albuquerque like nowhere else. You get our signature three-tiered tray of the afternoon tea menu for the month and excellent service, where we take care of your every need.

Be transported with a Fresh Menu and Theme every month. There is always an exciting experience waiting for you.

Rest in our Private Seating Areas for dine in, which allow you the space to simply be with your family and friends—or even by yourself—and let distractions fade away.

Staycation Albuquerque - St. James Tearoom - Alice and Hatter Dressed for Tea

More Ways to Enjoy Your Staycation in Albuquerque

Perhaps you’ll want to Carry Out our Fine-Dining Experience and host an intimate get-together in your own home or a plan a cozy picnic in the Foothills or the Bosque.

Or book your spot for one of our unique Special Events in Albuquerque, which take our regular teatime experience and make it even more special.

And of course, for those who just love shopping while on vacation, our boutique-style Gift Shop in Albuquerque always has something beautiful to find with everything you need for the lifestyle of tea.

Staycation Albuquerque - St. James Tearoom - Mom and Daughter Enjoying Dine In

Don’t wait until your need for a vacation is way past due.

Plan a Staycation today with us and come away to a restful place.