Albuquerque’s Best Gluten-Free Restaurant Menu

(But Don’t Take Our Word for It!)

Inspired by our Owners’ Own Dietary Needs

Mary Alice has been working with her culinary team to create the highest quality gluten-free food since our founding in 1999.

St. James Tearooms' Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea

Yes, you can eat it—all of it!

If DINING IN, your gluten-free menu will be served on a separate three-tiered tray, presented like our regular menu and tasting just as lovely.

If taking CARRYOUT, your gluten-free menu(s) will be served in their own box, presented separately from any gluten-full food.

Make a Dine-In Reservation
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*For those of our guests with extreme health issues, please note that our gluten-free menu is still prepared in a kitchen where gluten is in use. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (505) 242-3752.


(505) 242-3752