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Menu Upgrades

Menu Upgrades

Upgrades must be requested at least 48 hours (two full days) before your reservation, as they require advance preparation. No exceptions, substitutions or changes.

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(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Upgrades 1-3 cannot be combined.

1. Nut-Free Menu – $43.59 – same as regular full-tea (prepared in a kitchen where nuts are in use)

2. Vegetarian Menu – $46.12 All-inclusive

3. Gluten-free Menu – $49.92 All-inclusive (prepared in a kitchen where gluten is present)

4. Double Savories, no Sweets – $48.66 All-inclusive

5. Royal Tea – add $7
Add a glass of fine champagne to toast your celebration. (Note: be prepared to show your I.D. to your server if you are ordering a Royal Tea.)

6. Non-Alcoholic Royal Tea – add $3.50
Add a glass of sparkling cider to toast your celebration.

7. Aperitif, Digestif, or Ale – add $7
See our menu for options.

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