» Tea time for 22-43 People  (Full Library)

Tea time for 22-43 People (Full Library)

Tea time for 22-43 People  (Full Library)

Host/Hostess Tips:
Due to the unique nature of our parlor-type seating areas, parties of 22 to 43 people will need to reserve the entire Library; doing this ensures that the group has adequate room for all guests.

At this time we cannot accommodate groups more than 43 in one room.  A party of more than 43 would mean booking the entire tearoom; if this is the case, please call us.

RSVP Tip #1: When you are reserving, please reserve for the total number of possible attendees (i.e. the total number of invitations you are sending); we can adjust downwards far easier than we can adjust upwards, often because closer to the reserved date the entire tearoom is booked solid.

RSVP Tip #2: We care very much that our guests are comfortable and at ease when they come to tea, so please think about the guests in your party, and advise us if anyone might need extra personal room.  (Our maximum number for each seating area is based upon an average measurement of 20 to 22 inches in width.)

RSVP Tip #3: The larger the group, the longer the advance notice required.  If you try to book a party of over 21 people two weeks out, the chances are small that there will be room.

Payment Tip: We try to ensure that the Host or Hostess’s experience with tea is as pleasant as their guests’, and we have discovered from all our years of experience that the easiest way to pay is for the Host or Hostess to collect payment from each attendee as their RSVP, which also ensures they will not be a “Positive RSVP/No-Show.”  Also, please keep in mind that the number you gave one week before the event date is the number for which you will be billed.



Adult:  $43.59 all-inclusive

    Child* (4-10): $32.19 all-inclusive
  *Children under 4 are not permitted

We are proud to pay our employees a living way. No Tip is expected or required!

Prices may vary seasonally, especially in May and December.

icon-hoursSeating Times:

11:00 am, 1:30 pm, and 4:00 pm on Tuesday-Saturday
additional 6:30 pm on Thursday-Saturday

11:00 am and 1:30 pm on Sunday

We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday.


We require a credit card to guarantee your reservation.
A $100 deposit is required for groups of 11 or more people.
Call 505-242-3752 to make your reservation.

A Contract is required for all parties of 11 or more.
You will be put in contact with our Large Party Coordinator.

Contract: Why do we require a contract? Every party we serve has special needs, and the contracts set out very clearly, in black and white, what needs to be done for each party, and what is expected. This ensures that no surprises greet the host or hostess when they arrive for tea. Our Large Party Coordinator will help you through every step to ensure that your reservation is detailed and ready for the day.

Final Number Deadline: The deadline for the final count is 5 Business Days prior to the event date. Whatever number is settled on at this time will be the number of full teas billed the day of your event, regardless of how many attend.

Bill Splits: A combination of up to 3 Credit Cards may be used to pay the bill. If your guests are paying for themselves, we have found that the smoothest bill transactions occur when the host or hostess collects payment from all attendees ahead of time, and consolidates it for the bill.

Changes to your reservation:
– If your party increases in size: At this time we cannot accommodate groups more than 43 in one room.  Increasing the party to more than 43 would mean booking the entire tearoom; if this is the case, please call us
– If your party decreases in size (to less than 21 people), please call us immediately so that we may un-combine the area and open it up for others (Saturdays will often have waiting lists).

icon-cancelCancellation: If you need to cancel the entire reservation, please call us at least

5 business days in advance
(to avoid a failure-to-cancel fee of up to $300)


icon-menuMenu Options:

48 hours advance notice is required for all special menu options:
Nut Free ~ Vegetarian ~ Gluten Free ~ Double Savory
(See prices and details for our menu upgrades.)

PLEASE NOTE: No substitutions beyond the menu upgrades, no exceptions. View a list of ingredients for our current menu, if you have any allergy concerns.

Please see our guidelines for coming to tea with children.
PLEASE NOTE: There may be restrictions on seating areas and child-adult ratios.

Children’s Teas are available for young ladies and gentlemen age 10 and under. These meals are for a child-sized appetite, featuring 2 out of the 5 savories, both breads, and 2 out of the 3 desserts. The teas served for them are our Pink Fairy Teas, made with fruits and flowers, and naturally caffeine-free.

icon-giftGift Table:

Please let us know when you make your reservation if you need a table for gifts.



Podium and Projector Equipment are available upon request.

If you wish to have a speaker for your group, we do require that the entire library be reserved. This ensures that no other parties are in the library who might overhear your speaker. Room Fees of $100 to $300 may apply, if fewer than 36 people attend a full Library event. There are no fees for the Tea Terrace outside (downstairs) or the Roof Deck outside (upstairs).

icon-handicapHandicap Access:

Please call us so that we can ensure your comfort.
PLEASE NOTE: Only certain areas may be handicap accessible.


icon-seatingsSeating Areas Available for 22-43 people:
The full Library



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