The Perfect Teas for Christmas Morning


A true tea lover can hardly imagine Christmas morning without a rejuvenating cup of strong black tea. Black tea has a magical ability to gently wake up a person with its bold aroma. Here we present to you a set of three perfect teas for Christmas morning:

– Delicate richness of a cup of tea from Ceylon – “Morning in Giverny”

– Sparkling like a jewel in your cup –  “Sparkling Sugar Plum”

– Classic and robust – “Sir Philip Sidney


  • The size of the box is 11in x 4in x 1.5in.
  • 3 metals tins have 1 oz of tea in each
  • Ships beautifully wrapped in a special Christmas tissue paper.
  • A beautiful Christmas gift for a tea connoisseur.

**Please place your order before December 17th for timely delivery.

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“The rooms were very still while the pages were softly turned and the winter sunshine crept in to touch the bright heads and serious faces with a Christmas greeting.”      ~Louisa May Alcott

Morning in Giverny
Beauty is to be sought, reveled in, painted. Behold a beauty in the delicate richness of a cup of tea from Ceylon, with an elegant taste as if a drip of amber honey graced the leaves as they steeped. Such a tea would surely have been an inspiration for Monet, had he tasted its beauty. Full-bodied and traditional, complement its sweet finish with brown sugar and milk.

Sparkling Sugar Plum
A tart plum, sweetened and with a touch of spice, sparkling like a jewel―imagine such a gem melted into a black tea and ready to be enjoyed on a winter evening. As it truly does sparkle in the cup, it can take white sugar, but milk will cloud your sparkle.

Sir Philip Sidney
Classic and robust, this tea is so rich and complex, it is meant to inspire the nobility of thought toward life lived, legacy left, and the beauty there between. Delicious alone, or add brown sugar to bring out the molasses notes and milk to further smooth it.


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