St. James Organic Oolong Collection


Delight your senses with the fragrant aromas of these three full-bodied organic oolong teas.

These teas are truly magnificent, hot or iced!

The St. James Organic Oolong Collection includes all three oolongs, in two sizes: in 1oz or 2oz bags.


     Sweet Melon Sonnet Organic Oolong

Taste the flavor of crisp, juicy watermelon in this refreshing organic oolong.


     St. James Strawberry Organic Oolong

Enjoy a summer’s day with the bright flavor of fresh strawberry in this sweet organic oolong, which contains pieces of papaya and strawberry.


     Serene Berry Nectar Organic Oolong

A sip of this invigorating organic oolong holds the ancient Chinese secret of longevity: goji berries. Sophisticated taste.


Use simmering water (190F) to steep.


Online Tea Shop Loose Leave Oolongand Pouchong Tea - St. James Strawberry Oolong in a cup with strawberries Online Tea Shop Oolong and Pouchong Tea - Sweet Melon Sonnet with refreshing watermelon


Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5.75 × 3.5 in
Gift Sets

Collection in 1 oz, Collection in 2oz


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