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Tea Infusers and Strainers are terms that are often used interchangeably in everyday use, but they do carry a distinction. Usually, an infuser refers to a container that holds the loose leaves while they steep and is then removed from the water when the tea is ready to drink. Alternatively, leaves can be added directly to the water and steeped; then, the tea is poured into a cup through a strainer, which catches the leaves to keep them out of the cup.

The benefit to adding the leaves directly to the water is that they have plenty of room to unfurl for the best flavor. However, if the leaves remain in the water, the tea continues to steep, which usually results in bitter tea over multiple cups.

Infusers allow for better, lasting control of flavor, but picking the right infuser for whichever tea you are making is very important. Loose leaf tea needs plenty of room to move around while steeping, so too small of an infuser will squish your leaves. It is best to use a fine mesh infuser or tea bag; if the holes are too large, your smaller loose leaves will slip right into your water and affect the taste of your tea.

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Cotton Tea Strainer

Best for deeper cups, mugs, & especially larger teapots.


Eurotech Stainless Tea Strainer

Reusable stainless steel tea strainer for teapots and mugs.


Medium ‘St. James’ Tea Ball Strainer

St. James medium stainless steel reusable tea ball infuser.


Small ‘St. James’ Logo – Tea Ball Strainer

Small stainless steel 'tea ball' loose leaf tea infuser.


Small Tea Ball Strainer

Stainless steel 'tea ball' strainer for mugs and teacups.


St. James Sugar Lumps

5 oz. package of our sugar lumps used for our tea service.


Stainless Tea Strainer

A quality stainless steel tea strainer for smaller teacups.


Strawberry Delight Collection No.1

Collection of strawberry teas, sugar lumps, and tea infuser.


T-Sacs Tea Filters

Disposable, fill-your-own ‘teabags’ for loose leaf tea.


Tea Cozy

Custom-made insulated cozy for keeping tea hot in a teapot.


The St. James Tea Mug

The perfect tea mug: a good size with a comfortable handle.


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