Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

Our tea gifts for tea lovers are perfect for both those who just discovered their interest in tea and any experienced tea drinkers. Beautifully packaged, there is always something wonderful to enjoy no matter the season.

All of our online gifts are especially chosen with beauty or the tradition of tea in mind. They are lovely add-ons to send alongside someone’s favorite tea or perfect as gifts on their own. Treat yourself or your loved one today.

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An African Morrow Dessert Rooibos

Silky maple, chocolate bits, and the smoky essence of bacon.


Autumn Fragrant Gifts: Luxury Lotions, Candles, and Soaps

The perfect luxury scents and gifts for this autumn season!


Autumn Gift Collection No.1

The perfect gift for any autumn celebrations: delicious tea!


Bonds of Joy Necklace

Hand enameled, gold plated, with that timeless vintage look.


Candler’s Cherries, 1888

Smooth cherry black tea with the finish of bubbly Coca-Cola.


Cranberry & White Chocolate Chunk Biscuits in a Floral Meadow Tube

Biscuits with Cranberry & White Chocolate. Made in U.K.


Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook

Etiquette, fine china, and recipes from a Downton Abbey era.


Dragonfly Fragrances – Luxury Scented Candles

Luxury scented candles for unique and beautiful gift ideas.


Dragonfly Fragrances – Luxury Scented Candles (Copy)

Luxury scented candles for unique and beautiful gift ideas.


Elm Bee Necklace

Vintage, handmade French bee necklace makes a perfect gift.


French Royal Bee Locket

French Vintage necklace of hand-enameled Swarovski crystals.


Gift Boxes for Clients or Employees

Celebrate your clients and employees with custom gift boxes!

Medium ‘St. James’ Tea Ball Strainer

St. James medium stainless steel reusable tea ball infuser.


Small ‘St. James’ Logo – Tea Ball Strainer

Small stainless steel 'tea ball' loose leaf tea infuser.


Small Tea Ball Strainer

Stainless steel 'tea ball' strainer for mugs and teacups.


Spice Caravan

Light herbal tea with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom spices.


St. James Organic Oolong Collection

Includes three full-bodied organic oolong teas in 1 or 2 oz.


St. James Sugar Lumps

5 oz. package of our sugar lumps used for our tea service.


Strawberry Delight Collection No.1

Collection of strawberry teas, sugar lumps, and tea infuser.


Tea Cozy

Custom-made insulated cozy for keeping tea hot in a teapot.


The St. James Tea for One

Elegant St. James tea set for one, perfect for a tea lover!


The St. James Tea Mug

The perfect tea mug: a good size with a comfortable handle.


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